Mary Mary has done it again! This time they were on time for the red carpet but decided to DIP OUT on hundreds of people who attended the McDonald’s 365 Black Awards. Every year this owner operator company hosts a brunch to kick off Essence weekend. This year was the 1st annual 365 Black McDonald’s award show w/Honorees for their Charitable Philanthropy work in the community. Red Carpet host Roland Martin welcomed Host Laz Alonso, Fred Hammond, Tank,  Melanie Fiona; Honorees  T.D. Jakes, Show Presenter Reverend Al Sharpton, Honoree Chaka Khan, Grant and Tamia Hill, Tina and Harold Lewis , and other McDonald’s Executives. It was the decision of their manager Mitch while these ladies were in the midst of being mic’d up for the stage that they should leave so as not to be late for another gig at the Essence Festival Convention Center. I guess We TV Network won’t be looking for any McDonald’s sponsorships anytime soon. Thank you McDonald’s Corp and Execs for showing gratitude to those who give back 365 days of the year . More photos to follow.

Bishop TD Jakes and his daughter


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