It seems that #LHHHollywood stars Masika Kalysha and Yung Berg are back together! The two recently posted intimate pictures together on IG and then deleted them!

Check out the details below!

Well it looks like Masika and Berg are playing nice again, after a nasty domestic dispute last month. The couple recently posted some intimate pics together on Instagram, only to delete them shortly afterwards. Prior to this love fest, Yung Berg was arrested for choking and assaulting his girlfriend, Masika, as well as pulled from the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast.

Masika has taken a stand beside her man, and says that the incident was simply “blown out of proportion.” She asked via Twitter that people respect her privacy going forward. The not so private pics that the couple posted over Thanksgiving weekend has received mixed reviews. Some people were happy to see the couple back together, and others…not so much. Comments on the photos ranged from “Awwww they cute glad ya worked it out,” to “I knew you would go right back to him… You are dumb.” Some even went as far as calling the “LHHH” costar “pathetic.”

The question now is, since Masika seems to have forgiven Berg, should everybody else just mind their business? What do you think? Comment below!

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