The big homie Master P took to Youtube to clear his name and talk about the issues he is having with his estranged wife Sonya Miller regarding the custody of the couple’s underaged children.

Check it out below.

When you have something to say it’s best to allow your publicist to release a statement but Master P (Percy Miller) decided to take matters in his own hands and released a series of videos talking to his kids where they admit their father did NOT abduct them.

As we reported Sonya reportedly filed an emergency custody order for Master P to return the children to her. Sonya claimed their daughter Tytyana ran away to live with her dad and that P picked up their 13-year-old son Hercy and 9-year-old son Mercy one day after school. Their 14-year old daughter Italy is still living with her mother.

Sonya has declared that Master P is not taking care of his business and she had to move in with their eldest son, Lil Romeo and was forced to get public assistance.

In the videos–filmed at Sonya’s residence–their daughter Tytyana admitted her mother has smoked marijuana with her and her siblings.  And their son Hercy said their mother is a bad influence on them. P even revealed that Sonya allowed their 14-year-old daughter Italy to travel out-of-town with a boy and his parents for a weekend and Sonya also hosted a party for Italy that involved drugs.

In one video, Master P says,

“Seriously, why is this news? My kids have been living with me for over three months with their mother’s approval. Did she forget? Is this a joke? Where is this custody case file? My kids are old enough to speak how they feel, they ask me to come live with me and I’m not going to deny them. I try to do what any good parent would do, protect and provide for my kids and just do what’s best for my kids. If she just wants money, she should just say that instead of using the kids. This is embarrassing for me and my family, we’ve always lived a private life. I’ve been dealing with this problem with her for over 24 years and I’m not holding it in anymore. I’ve stayed by her side for many years, hoping that she would grow and change for the better especially for our kids’ sake but after two decades; I realize that I can’t change her, I can only change myself. It’s not healthy for kids to grow up in a home where they can easily access drugs and alcohol. The reason I’ve moved on is to provide a peace of mind for myself and to provide a stable and healthy environment for my kids. She may be my ex-wife but I will always love and care for her well-being, she is the mother of my kids. I would never turn my kids against their mom, they love her, she just needs help. I’m going to put it in God’s hands and pray for her. I don’t know whom she’s getting bad guidance from but when she’s ready, I’ll gladly help her get into rehab. Hopefully then, our kids will be more comfortable around her and if they choose to live with her, I’m good with that. For all the people that are buying into the negative gossip, I’m not perfect and I have nothing to prove. My kids are and always have been my priority, I will continue to take care of my kids and I don’t need a judge or a lawyer to tell me to. “

The (excluding Italy) kids each gave their reasons as to why they wanted to move in with their dad with reasons including not getting them to school on time, smoking in front of them and being a drunk.

WOW! Now that is dramatic. The videos have been removed from Youtube but this story is evolving.

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