Actress Meagan is the latest celeb to pose for Rolling Out magazine. In her interview with the popular magazine she shares nothing but positivity and new endeavors for her future. Interviewer, Dewayne Rogers, asked her what more she was going to work on and she replied,”…I just want to improve my position and make better opportunities for girls coming behind me, and make sure that I stay in the pocket of what I need to be doing, so I can help young girls in juvenile jails and foster homes”. I guess it just goes to show that even if a celeb is under the radar it doesn’t mean their not doing anything.

Of course every picture in the spread dripped of sexiness but don’t get it twisted. Meagan recognizes that people associate her with being a sex symbol and told Rolling Out magazine about where she wants to channel her creative energy as of now.

“I wanted to look for roles that had nothing to do with me being sexy. And I’ve always wanted to do horror movies. It’s what inspired me as a kid, and when it’s done right, there’s a lot of dramatic acting in it. More than anything, I just wanted to play to a different audience, and do something different that had nothing to do with me playing a love interest or the girl next door. Even now, if I do play a love interest, it’s not your average role.  I’m working hard to make her quirky and more interesting.”

She also mentioned her new found happiness that she credits all to God. Meagan Good shows that she has definitely come a long way since her role on the classic movie of Friday. She had this to say to the magazine,

“The only thing that I do focus on is walking a spiritual line, and that means that I want to represent a woman of God. I want to be a virtuous woman of God, but by that same token, I’m very different in my approach. I’m not overly religious. I’m not judgmental. I don’t look down on people and I don’t try and force what I feel on them. But the truth is, I love Jesus Christ and I am a Christian.”

I’m happy to see Meagan maturing so nicely, especially being in Hollywood since such a young age. She did admit in the interview that she loves to go out and party but she has quit doing a lot of things such as smoking and has even started working out more.

Overall it appears that Meagan Good has become a well rounded young woman. Check out more pics from her hot photoshoot below.

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