Rapper Meek Mill will remain behind bars until at least September.

Check out the details below.

According to the “Philadelphia Daily News,” a Philadelphia judge has rejected the Meek Mill’s request for an emergency hearing over his jailing for violating his probation.  Apparently, the judge’s schedule is booked until September.  Meek Mill’s lawyer, Christopher Warren, says he simply wanted the judge to explain why sentencing the rapper to three to six month behind bars was constitutional.  This week Warren plans to petition a higher court to force an emergency hearing.

Meek Mill was jailed on July 11th for refusing to update the court on his touring schedule, as well as not giving his probation officer a reliable phone number.  He also ran into trouble after ridiculing his probation officer and the prosecutor assigned to his case on Twitter.

Stay tuned to more details about Meek Mill’s jailing sentence; hopefully money can get him out of the jail cell.

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