It is official the Miami Heat are the 2013 NBA Final Champions.

Check it out after the break!

Congrats to the Miami Heat for walking away as the winners of GAME 7. BACK TO BACK TITLES is a claim to fame that Miami can add to their resume. The game was an epic display of sportsmanship and team work. MVP Lebron James led his team to their second championship taking down the San Antonio Spurs 94-88.

Lebron faced the Spurs in 2007 and was swept so this game was a redemption. We know the big homie Lebron is feeling good tonight about triumphing over his competitor. We thoroughly enjoyed this series.We have not had a Game 7 since 2010; as basketball fans we love the back and forth competition.

Will Miami be able to do it again in 2014? Guess we will have to STAY TUNED!

Did you enjoy the game tonight?

Were you surprised by the WIN?

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