Busta Rhymes and Pharrell Williams are facing accusations of copyright infringement over their latest track “Twerk It.”
  Miami rapper Monty $$ claims the pair stole his song, which is also titled “Twerk It.”  Monty tells the “Miami New Times” that Busta and Pharrell “just copied” his version and “put it out” as their own.  The Miami emcee says he shared his track with a friend who supposedly works for Pharrell not long before Busta and Pharrell released their song.  While Monty sees similarities in the tracks’ drum patterns, he says the real proof of the song’s origin is the repetition of the phrase “twerk it.”  The phrase appears in the hooks to both tracks.  Monty doesn’t want money from Busta or Pharrell.  He says he simply wants credit for creating the song.

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