Michael Jordan Fined $100,000!

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Legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan, has been fined $100, 000! Why has the superstar been fined so much? Apparently, Michael has been opening his mouth a little too much! Sources say the NBA is fining Michael for discussing the lockout and Andrew Bogut (an Australian player) with an Australian newspaper. There are rules set in place that prohibit owners and employees from discussing the lockout. Mike is majority-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Therefore, his ownership has put him in violation of the rules. 

The statements that have Mike in trouble are as follows:

“The model we’ve been working under is broken. We have 22 or 23 teams losing money, so I think we have to come to some kind of understanding in this partnership that we have to realign.”

“I know the owners are not going to move off what we think is very necessary to put a deal in place that allows us to co-exist as partners. We need a lot of financial support throughout the league as well as revenue-sharing to keep this business afloat.”

“We have stars like Bogut, who are entitled to certain demands. But for us to be profitable in small markets, we have to be able to  win ball games (affordably) and build a better basketball team.”

This isn’t his first time getting fined by the NBA either. He was fined $15,000 in 2007 after he commented about then-Texas freshman Kevin Durant in an interview with the Charlotte Observer.

Can you believe Michael Jordan is getting fined $100, 000???

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  1. Court says:

    Michael Jordan makes $40 million a year through endorsements. I bet he didn’t even flinch when told he had to cough up 100 thousand dollars.

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