Pamela Smith, mother of Michael Jordan’s alleged 16 year old son and Jordan are due in court today. The hearing will take place at the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta, GA. Smith will be represented by family attorney, Randy Kessler, who is in connection to many high profile cases of divorce, paternity, custody, and domestic disputes. Kessler is confident that the proceedings today will not result in the dismissal that Michael Jordan is seeking. Details inside.

Kessler contends that Jordan simply needs to take the paternity test to resolve the dispute, however, Jordan continues to hide behind the legalities of the court.


We are honored to have been asked to represent Ms. Smith who has been unable to resolve this matter herself.  The vicious statements made in Mr. Jordan’s legal documents will be responded to in her own forthcoming pleadings, but at this time Ms. Smith wants to be clear.  Her former husband Mr. Reynolds has not been involved in her child’s life since the divorce in 2005, has never paid support for the child and has shown no interest in the child. The claims by Respondent’s counsel that ‘It is troubling that Smith now inflicts measurable harm upon her son while seeking to deprive her son’s father Reynolds, of the rights and privileges of joint legal custody’ are completely unfounded and meant only to disparage her.  Our client feels that Mr. Jordan had numerous opportunities to resolve this matter by having a simple conversation with her. If he claims he is not the father, a simple $300 saliva test could likely resolve the issue instead of further court or public involvement.”

The outcome of today’s court appearance will determine if Jordan must take a paternity test or not.

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