Michael Starhan heard that actor/comedian Kevin Hart donated $15,000 to Texas Southern’s “Ocean of the Soul” Marching Band and decided to add another $100,000 to the cause. Yes black men are giving of their time and money to help HBCU’s. It’s a great look.

Texas Southern University’s Ocean of the Soul Marching Band has been working hard trying to raise money to get to NYC to perform for the Kelly & Michael Show. Actor/comedian Kevin Hart learned of the band’s efforts and donated $15,000. The actor was impressed by the band’s initiative and decided to help them reach their goals. Michael Strahan heard about Tuskegees’ desire to get to NYC he decided to bless the band with $100,000.

How cool is that?

Kevin Hart and Michael Strahan is winning these days. They say giving is the gateway to getting the life that you want. Michael Strahan is winning when it comes to TV with his gigs with Good Morning America & The Kelly and Michael Show. Kevin Hart is killing it in the movie arena. ‘Think Like A Man Too’ was first place in the box office last weekend and made $30 million opening weekend.

Kudos to the big homie!

I can’t wait to see The Ocean of the Soul live on the Kelly Michael show.

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