Mike Epps may be getting the role that every comedian would die for. Epps reached out to Jennifer Pryor, the widow of Richard Pryor, to obtain her blessing to play her husband in the highly talked about Nina Simone biopic.

“That was very sweet and respectful that he called me first. I am happy that they picked him. He is a real good guy.” Mrs. Pryor tells TMZ. This was a genius move on Mike’s part because not only was it a respectful thing to do, it put him in the widow’s good graces and now she is considering him for the same role in an upcoming Richard Pryor biopic that she will play a hand in producing.


Actor and Comedian Eddie Murphy may not be too thrilled by this news, seeing as he was never considered for the role. According to Jennifer Pryor, “Having Eddie Murphy play Richard Pryor would be like having Al Jolson play Malcolm X.” (Jolson is an early 20th century white actor known for his blackface performances.) Ouch!

Congrats to Mike! Hope you kill the role and land the Richard Pryor biopic!

Source: TMZ

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