Izzie Fareal
We got a new mixtape from an up and coming aritist, who goes by the name of  Izzie Fareal a.k.a Reignman. Hailing from “The City of Brotherly Love” PHILADELPHIA, Izzie Fareal is putting in that real work and taking the word GRIND to a new level. Peep this…

Working with B.A.M.G - (Bleed Ambition Music Group) Izzie dropped a mixtape for fans all over entitled “911: Who The Hell Izzie?!?” Hosted by MTV’s Real World Nick Brown.  Being featured on numerous websites, local magazines and hit blogs all over, it was only right that FreddyO.com also gave Izzie his props that he deserves. From what we know he was the Champ of MTV’s Battle Raps and he’s looking to take the world by storm.

Mixtape Art

We’ll be featuring his latest mixtape and a few videos of his in here so everybody who isn’t up to date on him can get familiar rather quickly and be put up to speed.  Hip Hop bloggers and columnists are putting Izzie in the same group as your Nas, Common, Talib Kwali & more, regarding his message, lyrical ability, and superstar potential. His next MIXTAPE REAL HIP HOP VOL 3 IZZIE AMAZING will be coming soon in January 2012.

Below is the mixtape… Check out the songs and tracks. I’ll give you one HOT line or bar from the track “So Grown” he said “I don’t do the DOUGIE, STANK LEG NOR WALK IT OUT!!!” LOL – Fire, that had me rollin’ :D and it was hot.

Also check out his freestyle on VladTV, off of Cam’ron and Vado’s “Speaking in Tongues” instrumental track.

What y’all think of this new comer to the game, Is he for Real 😉 ?!..

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