As of Thursday, A Rod will have to serve a 211 game suspension to extend through the 2014 season.  This falls on the heels of performance enhancement drug use allegations.


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A Rod is accused of  using performance enhancing drugs at the now shuttered Biogenesis clinic in South Florida. Rodriguez has been out all season due to a hip surgery and was expected to debut tonight against the White Sox.

Rodriguez is not alone in the scandal. Twelve other players were dealt fifty game suspensions today.

In a career spanning nineteen seasons,  he has amassed over six hundred home runs.

He holds the largest contract ever in American sports, signing with the Yankees in 2007 for $275 million over 10 years.
Rodriguez said Friday he believes his contract makes him an attractive target for a baseball ban or suspension.

“There’s more than one party that benefits from me not ever stepping back on the field — and that’s not my teammates and it’s not the Yankees fans,” he said.

I’m always up for a good conspiracy theory, but one can infer that ARod is insinuating that the Yankees want him to be guilty so they don’t have to pony up on the rest of his contract. I’ll leave that one alone…

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