Momma Dee made a special appearance at Detroit’s HOT 107.5 to discuss her new man and to discuss her ongoing beef with Erica Dixon.

Momma Dee stopped by Detroit’s Hot 107.5 to interview with Dr Darrius.  Momma Dee got a new younger man by the name of Detroit. She tells the morning show that she decided to keep Detroit away from the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta crew because of the nastiness of the show. Go head Momma Dee!


She sounded off on Erica, Scrappy’s baby mama.  Apparently Momma Dee is sick of the disrespect she claims to have endured from Erica over the last nine years. She wants the woman who Lil Scrappy chooses to have a “spirit” like Shay “Buckey” Johnson.


She goes on to say that she really like Shay for Scrappy because she is nice and respectful. Now if Shay and Scrappy don’t work out she hopes he find a woman like Shay. Ladies, you gotta get along with your man’s momma. I mean a happy momma is a happy wife, happy girlfriend, or baby mama. LOL!

Check out the interview below:

Flatline… Momma Dee is so turnt up. Did you see she made a special appearance at a Strip club in the D? We wonder if she hit them poles.

Momma Dee is soooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! I wonder how scrappy felt about his momma making said appearance.

 “Smell the Maxwell because the coffee sure been brewing”.

Source: Detroit Hot 107.5.

Pictures: Instagram

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