Montana Fishburne Aka Chippy D Update: New Video Of Her Popping And TWIRKING

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We at have been on the story of Montana Fishburne, budding adult film star daughter of Laurence Fishburne, since it first broke last week. In this video, you get a sneak peak of Montana in action, in this….home made ass video with her director, adult film star Brian Pumper. This has to be the tackiest negro in the world…just check out the outfits. And who talk this n*gga he could rap? I know folks rap about sex, but this is about as blatant as it gets. I told ya’ll last week in the first post about her…I don’t see this working out very well.

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11 Comments to “Montana Fishburne Aka Chippy D Update: New Video Of Her Popping And TWIRKING”

  1. cynthia says:

    this is stupid!

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  3. CASSIE says:

    where she going with acne on her ass

  4. brittbabii says:

    WTF is that on her butt?? looks like cigarette burns! lmao

  5. DaGoldenGurl says:

    Are those freckles on her ass, lol! This girl needs to wake up and smell the coffee, lol!

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  7. Hookerboots says:

    How hilariously sad…(dipping cookie in milk)

  8. vision says:


  9. patricia douglas says:

    This is truly sad to see…we got enough video hoes out there already and for that matter we also have alot of rappers out there…come on!…Montana this is not the line of work for you.You look like a idiot!!You got a cookie cutter body,nothing special and black marks all over your behind,you are doing porn…and in this video degrading yourself ! I hope she realizes that she is on the road to being used,abused, and washed up when you could be trying to pursue an acting career,explore and see if you inherited that talent because you have no talent for being a video hoe!! Sorry to be so harsh but she needs a reality check!

  10. meyoshi says:

    her dad should be mad…….im mad that she thinks this shit is cute,she has no ass at all and she has black marks all over

  11. prettyinpink says:

    I can’t help but laugh. Brian Pumper is corny. He is well known for telling girls he does scenes with not to wash their butt for at least a day or so…he likes the natural FUNK. I don’t know what those nasty marks are on Fishy’s butt…but it’s gross. Oh, and the girl CAN’T DANCE.

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