Morgan Freeman Still Marrying His Step Granddaughter

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 A few years ago, a very disturbing story broke that Morgan Freeman was still maintaining a 10-year relationship with his step-granddaughter. Although the two are not related through blood, he was once married to her grandmother — Morgan first wife. Freeman 72 and E’Dena Hines 27 are supposedly in love and sources say that the two started dating when she was only 17.

**From left to right: E’Dena Hines (Morgan’s step-granddaughter), Myrna Colley-Lee (his ex-wife), and Morgan.
Yahoo reported back in 2009 once Freeman’s second wife found out about their secret affair Morgan filed for divorce. The Enquirer is now claiming that once proceedings goes through in a few weeks, Freeman and Hines are set to wed.

“Morgan has led her to believe that he wants to marry her,” says a family insider. Another source told Yahoo, “Becoming Mrs. Morgan Freeman has been E’Dena’s goal.”

The couple, at the time the information was released, said nothing to deny the claims that they were dating, and since that time, rumors have continued to swirl around the status of Freeman’s alleged relationship. Some consider the relationship to be a natural attraction between a woman who appreciates wealth and power, and a man who likes younger women.

Is this acceptable? Tell me what are yall thinking?

17 Comments to “Morgan Freeman Still Marrying His Step Granddaughter”


    Freeman is a sick black bastard ,this mf need some help all the time you was with this little girl grandmother you was watching her waiting for your wife to leave the house to your step grandaughter could come sit in your lap this man need to be charge with rape molestion or something.


    She aint doing nothing with that old man but getting the rest of the money he have lefft lol he is a joke foreal..

  3. Passion Phillips says:

    This is my first time hearing this story and it’s rather disappointing because Morgan Freeman has always been my favorite actor! *sigh you can’t help but question the step granddaughter motives being as though she is only 27 and Morgan is 72! Nothing should turn you on about a 72 year old man. [hmm sound like the money is the motive].

  4. kitty says:

    morally this is wrong, spiritually nothing wrong between a man and woman….granted one is to wonder how long has he lust for this young girl? she just see money and should be ashamed of herself

  5. PMincey says:

    For goodness sake, that’s his ex-wifes granddaughter. She saids that she wants money and power. What a loser and he wants younger women. He’s sick and she’s just plain stupid. He was married to her grandmother. EWE EWE EWE………………..

  6. raegreat says:

    Psssh she tryna get his money after he is dead and gone.. sounds like another Marlo to me off RHHOA

  7. michelle says:

    There are is so many things disturbing about this!! One thing I’ve learned is to never underestimate anyone. Her grandmother maybe fine with this. She may think I can’t be with him so let’s keep him(it money, fame etc.) In the family. Attraction is natural but when you allow your mind to go beyond the right and wrong into wrong REALITY. It becomes “WHERE ARE YOUR BOUNDARIES”!!!!!! It would be extremely sad for him to be remembered for this instead of his accomplishments

  8. Muriel says:

    This honestly makes me loose all respect for him. I agree with LOVE LIV.E AND LAUGH, he is a basically a pedophile if he started messing with this child when she was under 18. And I dont give a damn what the law says about what age you can consent.

    You mean to tell me, you would stab your own flesh and blood in the back and take your GRANDMOTHER’S husband???????????????? Morgan and this hussy are a piece of crap.

    What is off limits? Uh? You can look and have all kinds of ideas but he has access to all kinds of women in the world. He didnt have to put himself or this girl in a position to betray this wife/grandmother. I’m from Alabama and I dont know of any kind of crazy bullcrap thats going on like this.

    And honestly, I hope he forgets to have her sign a pre-nup.

  9. Blackbeauty says:

    Morrally it is wrong but ya’ll are forgetting there is no blood relation between her and her “STEP- GRAND MOTHER” She’s only related to her by marriage!

  10. Bliss says:

    I heard something about this a few years ago and I was disgusted and even more disgusted now. It doesn’t matter if she is blood related or not their relationship was granddaughter and grandfather. Even though she was a willingly participant I feel he took advantage of her youth and mental capacity. Who could think of doing this to their grandmother?!?!

  11. Bliss says:

    I wonder how long Morgan was married and molesting this girl?

  12. ShantiFan says:

    He even took her youth. Her face is saying I’m 45, poor thang….

  13. shankin_my_head says:

    I think they are both GRIMY! Not because she wants to be with an old man or because he want to be with a young girl. But that man was sleeping with her grandmother. Now she sleeping with him. This sounds like some “Jerry Springer ish”. Nasty, nasty, nasty!!!!!

  14. shankin_my_head says:

    She not even cute.

  15. learn more says:

    My dear lord, if I have to type in one more captcha simply to create a remark,
    I will murder somebody! Is it ironic that I entered in a captcha to write about disliking captchas?
    Yep, I’m a fool. Excellent article by the way, just get rid of the disgusting captchas… I detest em!

  16. NOTgullable says:

    You’re all idiots for believing this post…. National inquirer quotes are absolutely not credible if you think they are you should check you cell for wire taps, stop drinking tap domestic water the govt had loaded with hormones, and remove the cameras the automakers installed in your air vents!…

  17. NOTgullable says:

    Oh no wonder you’re all black…

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