Friday’s inauguration has a feeling of gloom hanging over the day, but life must go on and the dollars will continue to circulate, as proven by Future’s new video for “Poppin’ Tags.” Just because the morning seems kind of down doesn’t mean people won’t be turning up at the club on Friday night and who better to get the scene lit than Fwetch?


The song first popped up on OVO Sound Radio back in November of last year but the accompanying video is right on time for Future to come through with a new project, which he’s traditionally done in January of previous years. The song is a rundown in expense, excess and wealth as Future and friends shop for exotic cars and ride four-wheelers through the sands of Dubai while he brags about buying out Walter’s, runs down the list of high end fashion brands he stays draped in and things of that nature. He raps, “I just copped the coupe 63’s with the Forgi’s, Bought a couple ‘Raris and I bought a couple Porsches, Zone Six f*ck shit, finessin’ and extortin’, Twenty diamond chains and got several different choices.”

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