Hip Hop Icon Nasir Jones, a.k.a Nas has been known for his controversy with the media and his music.

In this month’s issue of XXL Magazine, newcomer Tyler the Creator (also very controversial AKA devil worshiper  ) interviews the Queens veteran.

In the interview Tyler Nas discusses his music, and why he feels “the internet is Satan”. Here’s a piece of his interview with Tyler the Creator.

XXL Editor-In-Chief, Vanessa Satten with Nas and Tyler, the Creator

Nas: Definitely. There’s a new generation born every five minutes. You gotta keep your ear to the streets. That’s how I look at it, too. At the same time, I don’t really pay attention too much to what’s going on. I can’t take all the shit in. It’s overload.

Tyler, the Creator: Yeah, it’s too much. I don’t get on the Internet as much anymore. It drives me crazy.
The Internet is Satan.

Nas: Dude! I said the same thing! I hate Tumblr. You know what Tumblr is? I fuckin’ hate Tumblr! That shit is evil. I’ve seen that shit turn people crazy.

Tyler, the Creator: I don’t even know what that is.

Nas: Don’t. I’m all over that muthafucka, and it’s just—it’s some shit, man. It goes crazy. Because the Internet gives people who don’t have a voice a voice. And it just drives you fuckin’ crazy. Like, my Twitter, I get on there sometimes to promote shit and say whatever I feel. But I don’t check my mentions anymore, ’cause that shit drives me fuckin’ crazy.

Tyler, the Creator: No, I never look at it. I have a team that operates that shit for me. They’ll send me questions, and I answer them. That’s it. I was a prank caller when I was a young kid. You get that moment where it’s, Oh, I can just call anybody up and say whatever! This is before caller ID, before *69, all that shit. I look at the Internet as prank callers. You don’t know who they are. They’re having fun. Actually, I’m not mad at that.

Nas: That’s what the Internet is for, though. To drive you crazy.

Tyler, the Creator: You could do some good with the Internet, of course. But it’s, like, a man with horns. Not even a man—a dark force with horns—behind the whole shit.

Nas: Yeah, but it could do some good. It helped me out, for sure. But at times, that shit is, like, I can’t fuck with you. Nah, no way.

Tyler, the Creator: Yeah. “Hate Me Now” is one of my favorite videos. I like Belly a lot, too. Hype Williams is awesome. I just want to be a video director when I’m older, and, like, not really rapping as much anymore. And, like, those two really, like, the angles and just… It’s really cool.

Nas: Yeah, man. The Hype era was a muthafucka. He was a genius, man. He was before his time. And, like most directors, they’re nuts. He’s nuts in a good way. Crazy.

Tyler, the Creator: He was awesome. He was legit. When it comes to videos, those shits are reall important to me, ’cause that can make or break a song. Plus, it sucks when you, like, have a favorite song and then the video sucks. It’s like, Aw, fuck. Then when you hear the song, you’re like, Fuck, they have a shitty video for it. Shit like that is important for me. So I just wanted to tell you personally.

Nas: Aw, man, thanks. I’ve made some shitty videos to some shitty songs. It happens. So that happens, too. So I really appreciate you, bro.

To get the full interview  pick up the November issue of XXL magazine! What do you think of the interview? Is the internet really that bad where it should be called Satan?


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