NBA Stars DWIGHT HOWARD and JOHN WALL chat in Mandarin Chinese with former NBA player and Chinese Basketball star YI JIANLIAN.
Check it out!

Dwight and John spoke to Yi in Chinese about what they look forward to in China.  John Wall is anxious for the gourmet food, while Dwight Howard awaits meeting new people.  The video took a hilarious turn when Wall said, in Chinese, that he sees himself as Jackie Chan.

I think we all know who Dwight Howard sees himself as.  Superman, of course!

Big thanks to our friends over at Relativity Sports!  Thanks for the hilarious videos!

Wasn’t John Wall’s Chinese awkward?

What did you think about Dwight Howard speaking Chinese?  He seemed comfortable.  Maybe he has a future as a sports broadcaster for ESPN China after he retires.  Stranger things have happened!

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