Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes is taking a tip from Evelyn Lozado by selling high end t-shirts with her new catchy phrase “I’m very rich bitch”.  NeNe has expressed throughout the hit reality show that she’s doing very,very well for herself after cashing what she call that “TRUMP CHECK” from being on Celebrity Apprentice. The new t-shirts will represent the phrase in every way because they retail for a whopping $150! 

 She posted a  picture of the sample of the new t-shirt line on Twitter last night.  If you complain about buying a 30 dollar sweater from H&M you definitely won’t be in a rush to buy these expensive shirts. This is just one of the many business ventures from Ms. NeNe Leakes as she has her Italian pizza resturaunt in the Scaremento airport,  her Moscato line coming and possibly a shoe line in the works. With all this money flowing in Mrs. Leakes could possibly be living up to her shirt phrase…………”I’m Very Rich B*tch!”

Be sure to catch NeNe leakes and the rest of the cast on Real Housewives Of Atlanta every Sunday at 9pm ET on Bravo.

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