Nene Greg Leakes

Nene Greg Leakes

‘I Dream of NeNe’ is giving us a closer glimpse inside the Leakes household and it’s INTERESTING! Check out our recap of episode two of ‘I Dream of NeNe’ below.

Remember last week on the premiere episode of ‘I Dream of NeNe’ that we learned about NeNe’s relationship with her step children. NeNe inherited five step children when she first married Gregg Leakes. It was interesting to hear NeNe and Gregg talk about this side of their family who have been absent from the RHOA franchise. NeNe expressed her concerns about her step children and the story continued to develop in episode two. Check out the clip below.

During the episode Gregg and NeNe had a therapist session at the house with all five children and it was very dramatic. Gregg confesses that he has not stayed in touched because with them because NeNe had been deeply hurt by the idea that they didn’t like her. Gregg’s son Damien was very vocal in his critique of NeNe and we all NeNe aint having that! In the end, Damien ends up walking away and NeNe has the last word by telling her step son,

“You’re not going to check me!”

Damien says that NeNe is too aggressive. NeNe says that he is “hood” and she can be “hood” right back with him. It was very dramatic!

We have faith that the family will be able to work through their issues because Gregg and NeNe are here to stay.

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