You guys know what time it is… It’s that time we’ve all been waiting on. The time where we ALL get to discover some brand new faces in the music game. R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, whatever your  looking for it’s here on! This week we have 4 new artist on the rise of fame and fortune.

First up is an emcee who goes by the alias of MC IMPRINT. But Brett Guidry is the government and he knows a thing or two about hardships! His father died at an early age and he found solitude in the streets of Seal Beach, California; where he quickly grew fond of drugs, getting worse and worse he realized that he needed to make a BIG change in life after just beating an almost 6 year bid in prison! While in rehab he honed in on his skills as a writer and artist. It was not until he started creating his own brand of West Coast swagger that he finally found a way to channel his aggressions into a more positive light. But that’s enough of all the emotions, let his video persuade you on why he should be a force to be wrecken with. Check out the homies video for his single “Sidelines”. [Which is a BANGER!!!] 😀

Next is a Pop music, tag-team duo of twins that goes by the name Tru Fam. These Identical twins (Young Sha and Just I) got their start making music in 2007. Feeding off each others energy as brothers, best friends and their closest critics, they really took music serious and started making a name for themselves. Slowly but surely getting a following. Citing old skool Puffy and Mase with their “shiny suits” as one of their BIGGEST motivation! “Our main goal is to build a really solid fan base to buy our album, come to our shows and believe in our brand.” hopefully their video “Lost My Mind”  which samples Lady Gagas’ “Poker Face” can get y’all to join the Tru Fam band-wagon/brand.

Stepping up to the plate, all the way from the UK is a unique singer, songwriter, and artist named Daley (Who kinda got a Robin Thicke kind of SWAG about him a bit to me, but eh.) who hails from Manchester! Over the years Daley has been building a reputation for himself around the UK, showcasing his trademark melodic vocal style, flair for songwriting and vocal arrangement. His sound is rooted within Soul, Pop and R&B music; infused with ambient/experimental vibes. And since he got the UK going crazy over his unique sound, he’s trying to crossover to the US and make a name for himself starting from where ever he can. FreddyO heard it and wanted to give him a chance to gain some new clout. “Smoking Gun” is the name of his song and here’s the video for it. We know you’ll like it, because we do.

A couple  weeks ago we did a great interview with the last artist, in case you missed it make sure you check it out see why he’s on our lists of new artists. (Check out the interview here). Singing his whole life and playing piano at the age of 5, Mateo knew he wanted to pursue music professionally but some how fell into songwriting. Being humble and patient, he was blessed with an opportunity to deliver his music worldwide after getting signed. “Say its so” is he’s first single, which seems to be getting a lot of  radio spins. Check out the video for it as well.

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