Ciara is ready and starting to open up about her album to be dropping soon, “Everything Is New.” She stopped by Centric’s The Hot 10, to talk to Claudia Jordan about what makes her next project so different from her previous ones.

According to Urban Daily, Ciara stated:

“Everything is new on this album. The way that I approach things, even where I stand as a woman first before anything, my outlook on life is way more different. You know that comes with growth, and I’m also just living more. When I first started I was really unfamiliar with the world I was walking into. I knew what I wanted to do which I was living my dream, and I am, but I wasn’t really familiar with the territory I was walking into. It was really new so the kind of person that I am, is when I walk into an unfamiliar place. I kind of just step back for a second and watch and now I’ve been able to watch long enough and I’ve been around long enough to understand where I am and so there’s a new level of comfort for me and confidence that has really become a part of where I am [..] so that within itself is like the biggest difference.When I look at myself I am happy about that. I’m happy about being more confident. I was always private and on this record ‘One Woman Army,’ I was very vulnerable.”

Good luck to Ciara and hopefully the album turns out well… Look forward to it!

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