New Music: R. Kelly Creates a New Meaning for the Oreo COOKIE

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The big homie R. Kelly is back with new music and new meanings. See what he has to say about the Oreo in his new song “Cookie”.

Check it out after the break.


R. Kelly is a genius when it comes to music and creating analogies. The big homie is going to have the girls begging for their oreos to get licked and he’s going to have grown men running around calling themselves Cookie Monsters. I am sure Sesame Street did not have R. Kelly’s rendition of Cookie Monster in mind when they created the blue furry creation who has a thing for cookies. Cookie is a hot track on R. Kelly’s forthcoming album Black Panties.

Cookie is full of sexual descriptions and sultry lingo that will be here for a very very long time. In addition to talk about pulling the cookie apart to lick the cream filling; Kells talks about breaking a woman’s back like he’s enjoying lobster at Red Lobster. It’s definitely a sensual and enjoyable song.

Check it out below:

We can’t wait to see what else R. Kelly has up his sleeve. Black Panties will be available November 11, 2013. Definitely the most anticipated album for Fall 2013.
What do you think?

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One Comment to “New Music: R. Kelly Creates a New Meaning for the Oreo COOKIE”

  1. Mysa says:

    It’s lame. Coming from sensual classics like 12 Play or Chocolate Factory. This auto tuned , elementary lyrical style should be left to new jacks like “Pretty Ricky” or somebody. Sorry Kells. I expect more from you as an artist.

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