R&B crooner Sammie is back with a brand new single from his third studio album set to be released later next year. The song which features hip hop artist 2Chains is called “Gettin’ Em” and the name speak for itself. Fans have been patiently waiting for new music and we have it here for you first. Check inside to listen to Sammie’s new single from his new album.

Sammie’s no stranger to the music industry, he had his first billboard single at the age of 13 in 1999 with “I like”. He then took a hiatus from recording to focus on his education and recently returned to the music scene in 2005 with his second studio album Sammie. There is no solid release date for the third studio LP but fans can expect a completed album in early 2012. Although his second album was not a commercial success, Sammie is expected to have a much better comeback with this third album.

What do you think about the new single?

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