ATLANTA, GA–) AK Reed Films and Entrepreneur ENTERTAINMENT present “PURE” based on author Duece King’s novel of the same name. PURE is a multi-part web series filmed on the streets of Buffalo, New York using novice actors from the community in which they were born and bread. Duece King penned the novel which brought the characters to life for Producer and Director AK Reed. Watch the trailer below!


Duece King’s portrayal of urban life from the lens of the Buffalo neighborhood in which he was raised transcends geographic location, instead the characters, the plot, and the reality they all face is universal. AK Reed has artfully crafted the visual for a tale of passion, violence, greed, revenge, and love. Together they have produced two high quality episodes featuring actors who understand the motivation of the characters best, because they live it. Screening were held in Buffalo, Atlanta and Charlotte last night.

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PURE is more than an urban tale, it has become a positive force for change in the lives of individuals and communities. Duece King now travels the country selling books, spreading hope and inspiration in places where he used to promote street life. Businesses and careers have been birthed as a result of participation in this
inspirational film project. PURE is a diamond in the rough, and a gift that gives back.

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