K. Michelle has just released a video for her song Sweetest Love which will be featured on her upcoming album due out on October 31st. This song and video are sure to break necks and stir some controversy. In the song K. Michelle sings about how she, “just made the sweetest love to myself”. It seems like sex is beginning a topic that people want to explore and talk about and not keep so secret anymore. Find out K. Michelle’s thoughts on the song and video inside.

In the video’s first 24 hours, it received 4 million views and it’s not hard to understand why after watching it. K. Michelle states:

I wanted my fans to see a sensual side of who I am now and the woman I am growing to be. Not only does the music I create encompasses accepting who you are while loving your flaws and all,  but I firmly believe that no one should be able to take care of you or love you better than yourself. I want that for all women.  Sweetest Love is not just a song; it is a movement. Know, respect, and love yourself daily, so you can teach others how to please you.

Interesting to say the least. Ladies, does this video inspire you to teach others how to please you? What are your thoughts on this video and song?

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