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Pharrell Williams releases new video from his  album “G I R L“. Some of the ladies was curious about why he chose to create a song celebrating Marilyn Monroe. Check out the details below.
The big homie Pharrell Williams has created a very bright, airy, and fame looking video for “Marilyn Monroe,” the opening track from his hot new album G I R L. The big homie is surrounded by all kinds of women of different hues, sizes, and talents. Marilyn Monroe is high tempo and is expected to ring in your head just like the phrase, “So I’m Happy!”. Now you will hear yourself echoing “GIRL, GIRL, GIRL. In addition to the fun beat it makes room for a lot of happy dancing; the video had a lot of dancing. There was dancing in a rehearsal studio, on a candy-colored set, and on a fake Broadway stage.

Check it out below:

After listening to the song and watching the video; I don’t think he’s celebrating Marilyn Monroe per se. I think her name fits in the bars. What do you think?

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