Victor Cruz was in the wrong place at the wrong time the other night when the club where he was partying got raided.

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The New York Giant was at Meatpacking hot spot Stash, located below Snap sports bar on West 14th Street, when cops raided the place at 1:30 Friday morning.


“Victor was at a table surrounded by a group of friends and some girls,” says the witness. “He was ordering Champagne for everyone, partying, having a good time, but then the police came in and stopped the party.”

The Police were id’ing everyone and shining flashlights.  Clubgoers, including Cruz were visibly uncomfortable.

“Cruz had to sit idly by and seemed very awkward and nervous.”


Bar owner Matthew Isaacs confirms Cruz was there but tells us the police swoop was just a routine inspection that happens about every six months.

“It’s a shame because it was a really good party, but they had to turn on the lights, which makes people file out to other places in the neighborhood,”.

Victor Cruz, famous for salsa dancing in the end zone after scoring a touchdown wasn’t doing any dancing in the club after the raid.  He has a few more weeks to chill before he needs to start to prepare for thee 2013 season.

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