TMZ reporters have gotten a hold of audio from rapper Nicki Minaj’s 911 call in Dallas, TX. Official police documents have surfaced and of course a variety of other rumors. Now, there is audio to go along with the story. What more evidence is needed? In the audio we hear the hotel manager speaking with the 911 operator. In the background you can clearly hear Nicki in the background going off. We even hear a bit of audio stating “I want my luggage.” Things get even more heated and eventually reach a climax. A lot of the things match the story of Nicki being hit in the face. It’s never said in the audio WHO did it or HOW it was done but we clearly know that Nicki was hit in the face from her saying, “Look at what he did to my face”. While a ton of people are out here eating this story up, rapper Nicki Minaj only had one thing to say about this,” Get off my penis”. Seems like the more things leak from this story, the less she cares. Check out the audio over at TMZ. What do you think of this audio release?

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