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The rap game has officially changed.  Tuesday night (August 3) Nicki Minaj called some lucky fans and revealed the name of her album on USTREAM.

Am I the only one amazed that fans gave their cell phone numbers to the entire USTREAM room in hopes that Nicki Minaj would call them. Who puts their phone number out on the internets? Secondly, how great is Nicki Minaj for actually calling her fans.

At 10:30 EST, Minaj announced that her album will be released November 23rd on the date formerly known as Black Friday. She has changed the  day to Pink Friday and has titled the album Pink Friday too.

Ummm…Okay…. What do you think about Nicki’s antics? Is she going too hard? Would you give put your cell phone number on the web for a call from her?

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