The homie Kirk Frost showed his behind on the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Nicki Minaj was offended by his behavior.

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Kirk Frost is not looking too good these days. The foul treatment that he has shown his very lovely and very pregnant wife Rasheeda has had us all gasping for air and shaking our heads. Last night we watched Kirk disrespect Rasheeda in front of a room full of people. We then watch Kirk seek advice and solitude with Benzino. We further watch the homies get down with a group of half-naked women in a hot tube. We watched with shock eyes as Kirk allowed the cameras to record his indiscretions for the world and Rasheeda to see.

Kirk has been married for 15 years and they are currently expecting a baby. Damn, homie you get DOG of the week with those kinds of antics.

We were not the only ones shocked by Kirk’s disrespect check out what the home girl Nicki Minaj had to say,


15 years of marriage and a pregnancy……..damn KIRK!


Wow, Nicki brings up a good point he is trying to prove something?



That VH-1 money must be worth it….

Nicki Minaj was not the only one on Twitter going in on the homie. It’s just very sad to watch 2 people seem so sad during what should be a happy time. Let’s keep them both in our thoughts and prayers.

Did you catch the episode last night?

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