Over the weekend we heard sad yet shocking news about one of the biggest female artist in hip hop.  Sources report Nicki Minaj  was forced to pull out of the U.K.’s V Festival this weekend due to a “bruised vocal cord.”


A rep for Minaj sent an email to MTV News explaining that the problems actually started earlier this week before last Tuesday’s show in New York.  Minaj’s doctor had suggested she not perform, but Nicki took the stage anyway.


The rep says the vocal cord got worse as a result of the show, and another x-ray led doctors to advise Minaj to rest for a few more days.

After calling my sources who work for Nicki they told me that “she’s been working non stop and its sad that people are sending her shocking tweets and writing horrible false story about why she’s not performing”. they then said “Nicki doesn’t know how to take a break and time for herself cause she loves her fans so much.”

Nicki tweeted: 

Just so yall know Minaj’s last week performance at New York’s Roseland Ballroom had been billed as a make-up show for her canceled Hot 97 Summer Jam appearance.  Her Young Money boss Lil Wayne pulled her out of the event after someone from the radio station commented on Nicki’s pop-leaning hit “Starships.”  But they made up for it on Tuesday with a star-studded list of guest performers including Wayne himself, Drake and Foxy Brown.

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