They saying that rapper Nicki Minaj has been punched in the lip by some unknown male. The altercation went down in Dallas, TX at the Paloram Hotel. As of now, we don’t know who this man is but Nicki insisted that they WERE NOT dating and that she DID NOT want to press charges. Something about this is off if you ask me. Who get’s hit in the lip and then doesn’t want to press charges, and that’s not your boyfriend? To put another spin on the story, Scaff Beezy (her hypeman and rumored boyfriend) tweeted that he was poolside last night.


Now here’s where things get interesting. Supposedly Nicki got into an argument with a male when they were hanging out by the pool. The argument got so intense that they went to their hotel room which is where he punched her in the lip. I don’t know what’s going on, but I hope that it’s not any domestic abuse going on. Do you think her hypeman is the dude behind this? What are your opinions on celebs and domestic abuse?

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