So Nipsey Hussle has sold 60 copies of his Mailbox Money project for $1000 a pop. And he’s pocketing that! Click MORE for the details on his strategy.

If you will recall he sold 1000 copies of his Crenshaw project 2 years ago for $100 per copy.

This is what he had to say to The Guardian:
“It surprises me,…As much as I believe in it. Every time I get a transaction, I get a text on my phone, and I’ve been hitting them back. The feedback and the connection I have with these people help me understand the psychology of the person paying $1,000 for some songs that, realistically, you could download for free.”

He then goes on to state:
“The labels aren’t letting us live,…They’re not letting artists own anything! We’re going to end up 60 years old without a pot to piss in—no catalogue, no mailbox money, no residuals. We’re supposed to be in control. We’re supposed to own this shit. Unless you don’t have the mental capacity to do so, but that doesn’t apply to me.”

I really think this is amazing! Way to beat the system man. I would love to see more artist take more innovative routes to make their money.

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