If you were one of the ones “doing it for the vine” in a pornographic way, your days are numbered.

The new rules forbid videos of sex acts, whether they’re alone, with other people or with objects. Sexually explicit animations and nudity are also forbidden. However, Twitter is not blocking all nudity. It makes exceptions for any nudity that is documentary, artistic or educational. For example, breastfeeding photos will still be allowed, as will shots of “nude protesters.” Sexually suggestive content is also still welcome, as long as it’s clothed.
Twitter is not assembling a full-time Vine porn enforcement task force. The content will largely be flagged by other Vine members using the “Report this post” option. Anyone who violates the new rules will have their account suspended until they delete the offending Vine. Repeat posters might have their account permanently suspended.

For those who dont know, a large portion of social media community, and beyond have been tapping away at their phones for about a year now on the mobile app. If you’re not on the social media phenomenon then you proably are unaware that you’ve probably been featured on someones six second capture.

And though Vine is one of my favorite spots, I had begun to notice the freak level increase. What used to fill my TL when I began, to whats mostly being displayed these days, is an influx of pornography. Personal and private freaks have transformed the forward thinking application into quite a seedy cesspool for people who love to show off their goods and  sexual talents in six second increments.

But it looks like a new policy change aka TOS adjustment is about to clean house in a big way. But if I may, I also see a grand business opportunity. Somebody in app world better get working.

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