My homies, OMG, had lunch with For The Love Of Our Fathers Talent Showcase Winner guitarist John Gadson.




John and the Girlz enjoyed a great lunch at Sweet Auburn Seafood on Tuesday, November 25th 2014.




The lunch was one of John’s many grand prizes for being the top talent out of 5 at T.I. & Tiny’s Alzheimer’s Foundation, For The Love Of Our Fathers, 10,000 Coins For Change: Talent Showcase Edition event benefiting unpaid Alzheimer’s caregivers.




They were accompanied by John’s cousin Andy Mims and FTLOOF board members: Assistant DirectorTamara Whitaker, Executive Director Aaliyah Houston, and Promotions Manager Star Renee who were adding the finishing touches to their holiday events 10,000 Coins For Change: Holiday Edition, Tiny’s Musical Wonderland, and A Girl’s Holiday Wish: Meet Queen Elsa.




OMG is getting ready to do some concerts to benefit great charities and collect toys to give back to an Atlanta orphanage during this holiday season.


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