Rapper turned Preacher turned Rapper Ma$e has us scratching our heads and wondering what is really going on? He just professed that he’s leaving the church and has a new single out celebrating hoochies. What is really going on?

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Ma$e is in the world again saints. The minister is now a rapper again and has cut all ties with his church El Elyon International Church to pursue music full-time!

The 36-year-old has been in a similar predicament before. In 1999, he left the music industry in order to work in the church. Throughout that time, he amassed a large following at churches in Atlanta and Phoenix, preaching relationship and family values.

In 2004, Mase announced his return by way of the gold-selling album Welcome Back, but it wasn’t until recently that he apparently decided to make the full move back into music.

After his marriage crumbled, Mase’s followers left, since he wasn’t exactly living the life that he was preaching about, according to TMZ. In the end, Mase was able to settle his divorce after he dropped the fight for full custody of the couple’s two children. He was ordered to pay Twyla $6,000 a month in spousal and child support, while she was ordered to return all of his music.

Mase’s new album will feature Kanye West, Rick Ross, and Diddy will be released in October 2014. He currently has a hot single featuring Eric Bellinger called “Nothing” it’s not gospel music either… Check it out below:

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