OMG, ABC’s daily talk show  “The View” is making some dramatic moves by releasing two of their hottest hosts Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy. As a fan of the show this comes as a total surprise.

Check out the details below.

Word on the street is that ABC is working on something new. Could they be transitioning to add a male talk show host? According to people close to the network the abrupt departure of Shepherd and McCarthy might be a chance to do a dramatic makeover since Barbara Walters have retired.

The lovely ladies broke the news on Twitter last night and ABC confirmed that the shocking news was indeed true. They released a statement,

“ ‘The View’ will be moving in an exciting new direction next season, and ABC has made decisions to evolve the show creatively.”

Word on the streets is that Sherri Shepherd was in contract negotiations to continue her seven-year old stint with the network while Jenny McCarthy had not been invited back. The Network seems to want to try something new.

“The View” remains a hit for ABC, though the show is averaging 3.12 million viewers this season, down 1 percent from last. Advertising spending on the show was $118 million in 2013, down only slightly from $122.8 million the year before, according to Kantar Media, which tracks ad revenue.

The departure of the two hosts means that only Whoopi Goldberg will be a holdover when the show starts its new season in mid-September. (Ms. Shepherd and Ms. McCarthy are expected to work on the show until it takes its annual hiatus in mid-August.)

We are sure that Sherri and Jenny will find something lucrative and rewarding but we sure will miss them both on THE VIEW!

What do you think?

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