ShereeIyanlaIt was a very intense night on the OWN NETWORK during the 10pm hour of Iyana Vanzant’s “FIX MY LIFE”. We were able to catch video soundbites from Bob Whitfield on Simcolfm explaining the type of person who should call upon Iyana to get their life fixed (see below). Comments on twitter displayed mixed emotions for both parties. It was interesting to see Oprah Winfrey Subtweet Bob Whitfield but @ IAMSHEREE as Oprah was commenting and blown away with her good friend’s advice to the Ex Couple about how they need to get along for the sake of co-parenting. Check out Oprah’s Tweets

Oprah-TweetsDuringFixMyLifeBob Whitfield says…”She was like your COACH in high school that cussed you out in front of the team. But ultimately Bob recommends Ms Vanzant services if you trulyt want #YourLifeFixed and you are ready to throw up on TV.OprahTweet Also twitter stay busy as Oprah Tweeted @Iamsheree and Subtweeted  Bob Whifield’s words to Iyanla and Sheree. Check out the Video

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