Winfrey, Oprah

Looks like Oprah’s mama has been having some trouble paying her bills, but with Oprah as your daughter that shouldn’t be an issue right?

Well apparently Oprah’s mama Vernita Lee, was accused of basically saying f%^$ her bill for a Brookfield store called Valentina, in 2008. He attorneys arguement was that the store should not have given her credit because of her previous troubles paying their bills. I don’t know what kind of kush these lawyers are smoking, but if they think they are going to win their case with this lame a$$ arguement they got a whole ‘nother thing coming.

The shop’s co-owner, Tony Chirchirillo, says their settlement calls for the store to receive some of the $155,000 in credit that Lee spent. Lee’s attorney, Steven Gistenson, said Tuesday the dispute was now resolved without admission of wrongdoing or liability, but that was all the details given. A judge still must approve the settlement. A hearing has been scheduled for Dec. 7.

I don’t know what the hell is going on in this womans mind, but i also cannot help but to wonder if Oprah is helping her mom out at all. Then again her mama need to grow up and learn how to pay her gatdamn bills. She too grown fa that $hit.

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