There is nothing like a night on the town in L.A. when you are P. Diddy! He had dinner at one of the city’s hotspots, ran into Jennifer Lopez, and ended up partying with her later that night! What could go wrong? NOTHING! Not even the scratch on his Maybach could ruin Diddy’s night. 

Check out the details!

Diddy’s night in L.A. was a WILD one! He had dinner at Mr. Chow and ran into past lover J. Lo! However, as he was leaving the restaurant, he noticed a major scratch on his Maybach!

TMZ caught everything on tape. Diddy, who is known for his over the top behavior, reacted to the incident quite unexpectedly. He calmly calls the photographer over to take a peek at the damage he had done. Diddy lets him off with just a simple warning, “Y’all just got to be easy.” He then even goes so far as to ask the guy if he was alright before disappearing into his car.

Apparently, Diddy had way too good of a night to spoil over a measly half a million dollar car. When you’re Diddy, a little scratch on your Maybach simply cannot kill your vibe. Later, him and J. Lo head to Hooray Henry nightclub for a birthday bash for Jessey Terreo.

Love that they are still good friends, but am I the only one who wants them to get back together? Comment with your thoughts below!

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