R&B legend Patti LaBelle, 67, is being sued by a West Point cadet for ordering his beating by her bodyguards. The incident took place at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas on March 11. According to the Houston Chronicle, Richard King, 23, was talking on his cell phone while approaching the airport’s passenger pickup area where Labelle’s limousine was parked.

Security-camera footage of the incident shows King being struck and thrown against a concrete pillar by LaBelle’s body guards and an unidentified woman. King is seen trying to get up and leave the area but he falls several times.

“Apparently, defendant LaBelle believed King was standing too close to her (no doubt expensive) luggage, even though he was oblivious to her presence and the danger he was in,” King’s attorney John Raley said in the lawsuit filing. “LaBelle lowered the window of her limousine and gave a command to her bodyguards. They sprang into action.”

Police said King reeked of alcohol after the event, but King insists he had only two drinks during his flight. The cadet is seeking punitive and actual damages from LaBelle, three members of her entourage, an airport taxi dispatcher and the airport itself. Meanwhile King has since been expelled from West Point over the incident and placed in a mentorship program that requires active duty. READ MORE

In a recent interview with 5 magazine, Nicki Minaj revealed that she has always been attracted to intelligent rappers going as far to compare Jay Z’s lyrics to the gospel.

“It was like whatever Jay-Z says is the gospel because he was smart. I was always attracted to intelligent rappers. Like if you can make me think… That’s why I’m so into metaphors. I love double meanings of things. Just having people look at things in a different way because READ MORE

Sources close to the couple tell us both Kim and her NBA star hubby-to-be are telling friends:

“It’s the smart thing to do.”

And, by the way, they’re right.

We’re told the move isn’t one-sided. Both Kim and Kris have tons of loot. Kim is worth a reported $35 million. As for Kris he’s not only making $3.2 mil a year with the Nets, his family also owns a couple of burger joints in Minnesota. Kris’ net worth is estimated at $8 million.

In addition to the influence of a pre-nuptual agreement, READ MORE

Ciara Expresse’s Her Admiration For Beyonce

My homegirl Ciara is currently in South Africa, while there she was asked how she felt about Beyonce and her domination on the pop scene. There was nothing but love my girl CiCi issued about her industry friend and that the support will always be there.
Watch the video below:
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Brandy Saddened By The Death Of Teenage Friend

Singer Brandy is deeply saddedened by the death of a young girl who she helped to receive a heart transplant. The R&B song-tress launched a money-raising campaign to fund a life-saving operation for 17-year-old Jessica Harris, who hailed from Brandy’s hometown of MCComb, Mississippi and suffered hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Brandy flew Harris out to California for a birthday party in October (10) to lift her spirits ahead of her February (11) transplant.

But the story has ended in tragedy following the teenager’s death in a New York hospital on June 2, 2011, and Brandy has released a statement to express her grief.

“Jessica was and will always be an inspiration to our family. In the face of her illness, her courageous spirit and positive outlook gave us memories we will cherish for a lifetime. We were touched by the outpouring of generosity from the public when we set up a fund on her behalf to help cover her medical and travel expenses.”


Whitney Houston Wants More Rehab

Whitney Houston has been all through the news this week! After completing a 30-day voluntary out-patient rehab program, Whitney Houston has decided that she wants to get it right this time and is seeking additional treatment.

Sources told TMZ that “Saving All My Love” singer Whitney Houston has hired a round-the-clock life coach to assist her on the road to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. A source close to the situation said, “She really wants it this time.”

Whitney completed a 30-day out-patient program earlier this week and has opted to continue with more treatment. I wish her much success!

Pharrell Appears In New Revlon Campaign

The homie Pharrell is out here doing big things from touring, to working on Scores for movies, NOW ACTING? Almost, Pharrell stars in the new Revlon Mascara Commercial with Jessica Biel. The commercial shows her getting ready to go out with leading man Pharrell as he serenades her.

Jessica Biel tells Elle Magazine,

Pharrell’s such a great person and I’m a huge fan of his music, so I was excited when he was chosen to participate, I think having someone like him incorporated into the commercial really makes it stand out.

Congrats again to Pharrell and Tell Me What You Think About the Commercial Below:

Miguel Says he Loves Women

While in town promoting his debut album Miguel took the time to stop in and talk to none other than the Lifestyle Specialist Kenny Burns to diffuse some rumors circulating in the rumor mill.

At this point, what I will say is that we really do have the tools at our disposal to broaden our horizons. What I mean by that is that, it’s no longer hard to travel to Japan. A hundred years ago, someone being well traveled would mean that they would have to be affluent, high society in some way shape or form. Either a part of the government or a part of old money where as now it’s easier for us. If you can’t travel physically you can do it via the internet and this allows us to broaden our horizons culturally. READ MORE