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Gay Atlanta Pastor Goes in on Eddie Long?!?! + Bishop Eddie Long’s Vintage Controversial Anti-Gay Sermon

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(10/4/2010) The Rev. Dennis A. Meredith, pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Atlanta, posted a message admonishing Long to “tell the truth.”

The nearly four-minute video was posted on Monday, the day after Long made his first public comments about the scandal in which four young men sued the pastor, accusing him of coercing them into sexual relations. Long, in two sermons at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church last Sunday, vowed to “vigorously” defend himself against the allegations.

Long compared himself to the biblical David against Goliath, asserting, “I have five rocks and I haven’t thrown one yet.”

In the video, though, Meredith takes exception to that description, calling Long a “giant of an individual, who claims he’s David. No, you’re the Goliath.” Read More »

Khloe Kardashian Scared of Pregnancy (Weight Gain Plus Epidural her Top Concerns!)

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Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom

(10/3/2010) Khloe Kardashian just celebrated her first wedding anniversary with Lamar Odom, but the question is,  how soon until the happy couple starts a family? I know Lamar ready for a few bobble head seeds to dribble their first basketball.

“I want kids,” Kardashian, 26, says in the new Us Weekly. “But I’m scared!”  After watching sister Kourtney give birth to son Mason last December, Kardashian tells Us she’s worried about the potential pain of labor. Read More »

Chelsea Handler and 50 cent Dating?!

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Chelsea Handler, comedian and late night talk show queen, makes no mistake about letting the world know she enjoys the brothers. 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler went to the Blue Nile jazz bar in New Orleans on Sunday night … and according to TMZ,  they got ‘up close and personal with each other, they gave some serious credibility to those dating rumors.’ Read More »

Duane Chapman The Bounty Hunter Almost Killed

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Duane Chapman, better known as “Dog” the Bounty Hunter, has reportedly been admitted to the hospital in LA after being attacked following a bounty hunt. If I could give my two cents I have to say, “some times these dudes be going too far and if they came at me I also might try to take him out also”. Read More »

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‘The Social Network’ Is #1 At The Box Office

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I have to give it to ‘The Social Network’, this film has changed the world in a bloggers eye and people who make their living off of the internet. Every top blogger I know has been telling me that they were going to go see the film. After seeing it — it will change your life and the way you work, if you are trying to make money off of the internet. The Social Network” is on top  of the box office taking in $23 million.

The film, about the social networking site Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg, is already generating Oscar buzz for its young cast, which includes Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake. In second place is Warner Bros’ “Legend of the Guardian: Owls of Ga’Hoole” with $10.9 million, followed by 20th Century Fox’s drama “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” with $10.1 million.

Ben Affleck’s “The Town” from Warner Bros. entered its third week in cinemas at No. 4, nabbing another $10 million.

The Sony teen comedy “Easy A” strutted away with $7 million to close out the top five list of the weekend’s most successful films on the domestic front.

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The Floacist New Video: FOREVER + Musiq Soulchild @ 2010 BET Hip HopAwards

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I have to give it to Natalie The Floacista she has moved on from her rumored long time girl friend, cut off all her hair, and now has a new album on the way. Her debut single from The Floacist (formerly of Floetry) from her upcoming album “Floetic Soul”, in-stores on November 9th. She just released her new single  and video “Forever”.

The song and video features singer Musiq Soulchild who recently hit up the 2010 BET awards with the new love of his life. Just so yall know Musiq moved to the ATL and is currently working on a new album and tour. Here’s the video and pictures. Read More »

Kanye West Performs New Version Of Power On ‘SNL’

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(10/4/2010) The mad genius Kanye West has outdid himself once again with an electrifying performance of his hit single “Power”. Kanye’s original version went ‘f*ck SNL and the whole cast, Tell em’ Yeezy said they can kiss my whole a**’. Well, this time, considering Yeezy was the guest performer on Saturday Night Live, Kanye replaced the insult with an entirely new verse, and it goes extra hard. This performance was basically a live performance of his “potrait” style video. You got to see it to know what we are talking about. The visual effects are mesmerizing. I got to give it to Kanye for this one. Check out the video below!!

Read More »

Antoine Dodson Has A Halloween Costume Coming + Takes Over 2010 BET Awards

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Antoine Dodson will no longer be singing about rapists in the projects. He has moved up thanks to the fame of his auto-tuned 1#hit. Dodson earned half the profits ( over 250,000) from the song he made on itunes and was recently able to buy a home for his whole family with the money. I have to give it to Antoine he is the only person I know that claim to fame was a robbery / rape, only he wasn’t in the room; he was down stairs while all the craziness was happening but did catch the ending, and TV camera’s. While at the 2010 BET awards I talked to him, and he told me that he had alot of things that he was working on, but couldn’t tell me cause it was a secret. Just so yall know Antoine has a new album coming out, wig line and even Halloween costume, ya thats right Mr Dodson has a Halloween costume coming out. You can buy the costume Here… WOW I guess dreams do come true.

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@SouljaBoy Answers False Drug Use Rumors @ 2010 BET Awards

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The homie Soulja Boy hit up the 2010 BET Awards clean and ready to take on the world. While he was there he addressed the Rumors that came to life about him using drugs.  In the video soulja Boy said the edited, fake video of him and Kat Stacks came to life because “a certain website was trying to get traffic, and went too far” he said. I  Have to tell yall this is the homie and I know him to be a really  good dude, and weather or not he’s on drugs is non of our business; what is our business is if he’s is giving back to his fans and he does that all the time. Here is his interview please tell me what yall think? Read More »

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