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Neffe & Soullow Stop By CAU Homecoming Fashion Show

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President of CAU, Neffe, Soullow, CAU first Lady

Lights off, spotlights on, and slight smoke in the air, its now time for the show to begin, and the last show for CAU’ Project Next. The runway was not your typical runway it was set in the shape of a square. The show was opened up with performances by upcoming artists Tiffany Williams, and CAU alum Ashley ‘Brie’ Gillum, and was hosted by CAU senior KJ Hunter. The show consisted of eight completely magnificent scenes. This was show that way above the standard college fashion show. Project Next is leaving a great legacy on CAU and I’m not sure if anyone else will be able to top it, they definitely went out with a bang.


They had special guest appearances by my homegirl Neffe and her husband Soullow. The two have a reality show in the works that will have ya’ll on the edge of your seats with many surprises and one big one that ya’ll will find out in the show. And Soullow’s album will be dropping real soon, and I cant even front the music is HOT! So make sure ya’ll pick up 5 copies! Read More »

Drake’s Bodyguard Punched A Fan

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(9/28/2010) Two former Drake fans went to see him perform at a Jacksonville, FL concert last week and as a result one of them ended up in the hospital. He says that Drake’s bodyguard punched him in the mouth because he spewed a bunch of curse words at Drake after he allegedly pushed his friend. Read More »

Paul Wall Beats A Fan With The Microphone

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(9/29/2010) Rappers are losing it with crazy fans. Paul Wall went ham on a in San Antonio, Texas when he was performing on stage with rapper Slim Thug … when some delusional in the front row threw a middle finger in Paul’s face.
Paul can be seen exchanging a few words with the guy right before the rapper winds up and beats him several times with his mic. Read More »


New Video: Waka Flocka – Uh Huh

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(10/1/2010) Here’s another delayed hit off Flocka’s LeBron Flocka James Pt. 2 mixtape. I must say, this guy doesn’t say much…and he knows it….even said it. lol Thats the kind of confidence you got to have to make it in this business. Ah well,  Flockaveli in stores next Tuesday. Read More »

New Video: Rick Ross (Feat. Slim Thug) – Paid The Cost

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(10/1/2010) Rick Rozay has released a video for his newest hit “Paid the Cost” featuring Slim Thug. Ross and Slim Thug were just Twitter beefing a few weeks ago after Ross said in a lyric “”She dated Slim Thug, but now she f— with me/ She finally made it to the biggest boss luckily.”

Slim Thugger quickly took to his Twitter page with a question — and a retort.

“WTF @rickyrozay is that a diss?” Slim wrote. “Just threw @rickyrozay cd out the roof of the coupe haters get no play in my ride.”

Well, before things got too far out of hand, Ross and Thugger talked, hammered out the misunderstanding and actually banged out a couple of new official songs.”Paid the Cost,” is the first of many. Check out the video below! Read More »

Kanye West’s Album Reportedly Gets a Release Date

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kanye red suit

Rap-Up.com reports Kanye West will release his fifth album on November 22. While the titles, Good Ass Job and Dark Twisted Fantasy have been thrown around, there is still no official title for the album. The album boasts such artist such as Jay-Z, Mos Def, Swizz Beatz, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., and John Legend. Now that sounds like an automatic recipe for success. Besides its Kanye…what do you expect.

If the November 22 date remains firm, it will place West right on the cusp of “Black Friday,” the largest consumer shopping day in America.

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New Video: Nicki Minaj -Right Through Me

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(9/28/2010) It’s something about this this track that just grabs me. I think…for once, Nicki seems volunerable. The name of the song is “Right Through Me”. The hook goes (and I’m not sure who that is singing the hook, but if it’s Nicki, you got to play this track asaper), “you see right through me, how do yall do that sh*t”. She speaks of how she had a dude looking out for her, like the plutonic friend that turned into the lover. Ha. How many times has that happened. Then the relationship turns sour…yet at the end of the second verse, she begins to pull back the layers of aggression in the relationship, and gives in. Volunerable. Check it out. Got to cop that album. Nicki Minaj-Right Through Me.

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Lil Kim’s New Salon “Salon SeSwa”

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(9/28/2010) Lil Kim celebrated the grand opening of her new Salon SeSwa in Charlotte, NC. Lil Kim brought her Queen B style of beauty to the city of Charlotte, NC with the grand opening of her new Salon Se Swa, located in the northen ‘University’ area of the city. Guests in attendance included Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon, City Council Member Michael Barnes, Actress Meagan Good, hair care entrepreneur Joe Dudley and others.

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Rick Ross Nike Commercial!

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(9/28/2010) Ricky Rozay has inked a deal with Nike. Nike recently launched a new series of commercials with the theme of “Boom”. Some big-time cameo appearances include Rick Ross, Bo Jackson, Nndamukong Suh, Tim Tebow and Robinson Cano who each celebrate that magical moment in sports. BOOM! Check out the video below!! Read More »

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