Yo I get alot of people who as me for help and someone just email asking:

Dear Freddy

Hey first off let me say I love your blog I read it and a few others everyday. I love black blogs you all keep me up with whats going on with young people at the high school I work for. Anyway,,,, Every time I go on (name of website removed) I get a f*cked-up viruses, popup’s, and spam. Sorry for the language but I am pissed and don’t know what to do please help me!!!

Updated your computer and watch the videos above. People if you know some more ideas please leave a comment…

Beyonce’s father is wasting no time trying to find his new big act after being dropped by his daughter. Mathew Knowles‘ Music World Entertainment and Music World Music recently announced that the company is partnering with MTV for a new reality series called, “Breaking From Above,” which features a hot all-girl group, “From Above” (pictured) — is a group of girls that will do anything to make it big the girls are from the, UK and from the looks of what he’s putting them threw are on the ride of their lives.
EURweb is reporting Ashley, Daisy, Seyi, Chelsey and Monique are all in their early 20s and have had various roles in the entertainment business, as singer/songwriter to featured dancer on the Kanye West tour, to lead vocalist in a UK girl band to dancer on a UK dance reality show. READ MORE

Despite her issues with Kanye West,Taylor Swift seems to have a love for Hip Hop. She’s been bringing out different rappers on her “Speak Now” tour.  Her most recent surprise on the tour was  rapper Flo Rida . Swift had a packed house in Miami, and when the bass line from “Right Round” began to blare from the speakers..the crowd went wild as Flo Rida joined Taylor on stage.

Teyana Taylor Gets Punched In The Face At Nightclub!

Teyana Taylor, best known for her role in Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Family Reunion was reportedly punched Thursday night at the Supper Club in Las Angeles, California. Reports are saying that Teyana was seen at the club greeting her good friend and NBA baller for the Washington Wizards Nick Young, but obviously the greeting was too “friendly” for his girlfriend who also was in attendance. Teyana later was then seen punched in face by Nick Young’s girlfriend. Read inside for more details on this story. READ MORE

Lil B Releases Track Titled “I Got AIDS”

With an album titled, I’m  Gay” (which means I’m happy) its nothing that rapper Lil B can do to surprise me. He’s a youtube sensation and drops projects like every 3 months. How can you not know who he is? Lil B has made a song called “I Got AIDS’ which was released early this morning. The question is does Lil B have AIDS? READ MORE

Private Funeral For Heavy D Taking Place Friday

Sean “Diddy” Combs and Mary J. Blige will be among those saying goodbye to Heavy D later this week.

TMZ says Diddy and Mary will be attending a private funeral this Friday in New York.

A few of the Wayans brothers and Heavy D and the Boyz members Eddie F and G-Whiz will be in attendance as well. READ MORE

Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Wall Street

That’s all thats been going on in the media for weeks on end.

And Jay-Z tried to cash on it without giving back!

Mr. Carter whose shirts read “Occupy Wall Streets” went on sell for about $22 each on his labels site, has since been removed because of the outrage surrounding them. READ MORE

Erick Sermon suffers from HEART ATTACK!!!!

Damn what’s going on in the old school hip hop community? After getting over the death of Heavy D, we’re hit with another blow to the chest. READ MORE