Chris Brown has rather weird and uncommon resolution for the year 2012. According to his manager, he will not talk to the press or do any form of interview in 2012.

According to sources from Hot 106 in Rhode Island, the star’s manager Tina Davis revealed this in an interview with Billboard. Tina said that Chris Brown will not be doing any interviews with any magazine or newspaper. Instead, he will pay attention to performing and recording, which sounds pretty fair. His manager added that he’s not trying to be rude or selfish or disrespectful to anyone. If anyone has to judge him, they should judge him for his talents. READ MORE

Another set of rocking modeling pictures of Selah Marley has hit the Internet recently. This 12-year-old is the daughter of Rohan Marley and Lauryn Hill.

According to source, Selah Marley  was previously featured in Teen Vogue where she spoke on what it’s like to be Hill’s daughter. She also spoke her feelings about being the granddaughter of Bob Marley.

Selah just released a new set of modeling pictures, were she shows her unique style looking more like her mother everyday. Check out the photos in the gallery. READ MORE

Denzel Washington is back with another tough guy movie. Titled “Safe House,” the action-thriller movie features Washington as Tobin Frost, the most dangerous renegade from the CIA who comes back onto the grid after a decade on the run.

Reportedly filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, “Safe House” is set to be released in movie theaters February 10. But you can watch the trailer of the film right inside. READ MORE

Deion Sanders has decided to live under the same roof with his wife. They have a really large roof to live under. This shocking decision came after his wife, Pilar reportedly stated she has no plans to move out.

According to sources, despite all the drama regarding the couple’s separation, they will continue to live under their 29,122 square feet house that has 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. Plus there is 109 acre estate around the house in case they want some time out of the house.

I guess although they’re continuing to live under the same roof, they will hardly see each other’s face. What do you think?

Source: TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan’s Alledged Intruder Arrested

Lin Loh 4Poor Lindsay Lohan just can’t seem to catch a break. She was at home minding her own business (probably reading the book of Psalms or something from her King James Bible) and there was some estranged man knocking on her door who refused to leave. Lindsay went to answer the door and asked what he wanted and he just fervently said he “needed to talk to her”. A careful Lindsay did not open the door. Thanks Goodness! Whether home or in the streets it seems trouble is following Ms Lohan. Read the entire scoop on TMZZ.

Love and Hip Hop Jim Jones Put a Ring on it!

Chrissy FINALLY got her engagement ring! Is it just me or was that one of those proposals from the Martin Lawrence sitcom (throwback) DAMNNNNNN GINA!!!! Yes I will MARRY YOU! Are you happy now? For starters he never got down on one knee. Actually Jim Jones was standing and Chrissy was sitting. WOW!!!! How many of you think it was gangsta for Jimmy to just show up in Miami, summons Chrissy outside and then sort of propose? Hmmmmmm this will be an interesting development (the engagement party) and alledged future wedding.

Miami Heat star LeBrone James proposed his high school sweetheart and mother of his two boys during a private dinner party in Miami last night. 26-year-old Savannah and James have been together for 8 years now before choosing the right decision to get married.

LeBrone’s teammates were also spotted at the dinner party. Some of them include Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne, Dwyane Wade and his fiancee, Gabriele Union; Juwan Howard and his wife Jenine, actress Sanaa Lathan, rapper Fat Joe and others. By the way, it was LeBrone’s 27th birthday party as well.

Take a peek in the gallery inside to see some exclusive shots from the party. Also let us know if you think the two will really last until death do them apart. With all these break-ups going on the glamor world today, it’s hard to believe..


Rapper Ludacris and his fiancee Eudoxie was spotted attending the New Year’s Eve party in Miami Florida. Luda hosted the Red Bull Sound clash concert where he performed rocking the NYE.

Other celebrities also hosted separate parties in Miami that includes rapper Rick Ross and Terrence J. Sources also reported that Sean Combs filmed part 2 of his “Luck Be a Lady” commercial at his mansion. However, no photos were released.  There was reportedly cell phone blockers that prevented anyone from tweeting pictures to the world outside.

Photos / exclusiveaccess