Foxy Brown Trial To Begin Today

Foxy Brown is set to begin defending herself against allegations that she mooned another woman. The rap diva will be in a New York courtroom today to start her trial for allegedly violating an order of protection. Foxy was arrested last summer after she reportedly got into an argument with one of her neighbors. During the dispute, the rapper allegedly flashed her backside at the woman. The case has become more serious, however, because the alleged victim took out an order of protection against Foxy back in 2007 after she was hit with a cell phone. Foxy has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor count of criminal contempt, and is facing up to a year behind bars.

Recently Dj Khaled stated that there is no beef between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy! We all know that Dj Khaled and Rick Ross are like family so his word is very credible. Khaled says:

“I don’t condone problems.  That’s just what I do. I represent that love and just making great music. Them two guys, they don’t have no problems. I guess people in the streets just try to make things into a problem. But that’s just life. That’s how you know when you hot. And that’s just part of the game. When you in the game and you successful you have to deal with things like that. But you know, they aint got no problems. It’s all love.”

There you have it folks! Straight from the mouth of Dj Khaled. Catch the video here: READ MORE

Through the years, everyone knows the Black Eyed Peas to have taken breaks on and off but now singer Fergie is saying that they are taking an “indefinite hiatus from each other”. While Fergie issued this statement she really expressed that the group is not over but more so just taking a break. A break for them would be similar to the hiatus the group took when they released Monkey Business in 2005 and then came back in 2009 with The E.N.D. Will.I.Am confirmed Fergie’s statement via his twitter account tweeting:

“The @Bep will take a break after the beginning…just like we did from monkey business to the e.n.d…but it doesn’t mean we stop creating” READ MORE

Fans aren’t the only ones who are in love with Queen B’s new album, celebs Tiffany Evans and K. Michelle are too. Recently both of the ladies have covered some of Beyonce’s newest hit. Tiffany Evans  now covered Bey’s “1+1″. Listen to Tiffany’s version here:

While Tiffany Evans rendition of Bey’s “1+1″ is much appreciated, R.Kelly protege K. Michelle is covering Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had”. K. Michelle makes the song her own  titling it “Worst Man I Ever Had” and belting out lyrics that reveal all too specific details of domestic abuse and other relationship woes. Listen here:

Are you feeling either of these two covers? What do you think of the remixes? I have to say I am really loving my self some Tiffany and K. Michelle..

Lauren London sure does know how to keep a relationship on the low. Nobody knew she was with Lil Wayne and now it’s the same case for her and  Trey Songz. Yup! That’s right! Supposedly the two were dating for a year and half and are breaking up now. Now the real question is…why are they breaking up? Sources say that Trey Songz is a little flirtatious and Lauren is not up for that mess! This is all too crazy!!! Do you think this is even true?


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Matthew Knowles Caught Stealing From Beyonce

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Matthew Knowles claims that Live Nation Entertainment wanted to play a major role in Beyonce’s 2011 World Tour. The documents say that Live Nation told Beyonce that her father Matthew “had stolen money from Beyonce on her most recent tour or otherwise taken funds that he was not entitled to”.
Basically…they made Matthew Knowles out to be a thief. Apparently Live Nation’s word made Beyonce think twice and she had her law firm conduct an audit. Sad to say, the law firm confirmed that Matthew did take money that wasn’t his and he was fired shortly after that.  This is all interesting because in her “4″ documentary Beyonce said that:

“I’ve been managed by my father for a long time and a real change meant separating from him. It was scary but it empowered me and I wasn’t going to let fear stop me. It was very risky for me to step out on my own. Being a young woman I want to set the example that it’s possible for us to own our own businesses and own our own record labels. Sometimes we don’t reach for the stars, sometimes we are satisfied with what people tell us that we’re suppose to be satisfied with and I’m just not going for it.”

None of this sounds like what reports are saying now. Papa Knowles says that after this altercation, Beyonce hired a manager who had worked previously as an executive at Live Nation. Of course, Matthew is saying that the theft accusations by Live Nation are all lies. He’s even looking to get a judge to allow him the right to take depositions on several people over at Live Nation so that he can figure out just how they came up with the story of him being a thief. I want to know what Beyonce has to say about all of this. I’m sure everything will come out eventually. How do you feel about this situation? Do you believe that Matthew would really steal from his daughter?


In other news, Beyonce was spotted out shopping at Selfridges in London earlier today, just days after performing in Scotland at the “T in the Park” festival.

Riri is endorsing yet another product. This time it’s for Emporio Armani underwear and jeans. Giorgio Armani delivered the news earlier that Rihanna would be the new face for Emporio Armani underwear and jeans worldwide for their 2011-2012 autumn/winter campaign.

This is nothing but good news for the pop singer being that she is already endorsing the German owned skin care company Nivea. It doesn’t just stop there though. Rihanna’s also helping to brand Vita Coco Water. I can’t hate on the girl. Her endorsement deals are beginning to stack up. Ri joins a long line of celebs to represent the brand, including recent campaign faces Megan Fox, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal, David Beckham, and Victoria Beckham.
I’m excited to see what the promotional ads for the Emporio Armani underwear and jeans will look like. If Rihanna stays true to form, it is going to be every bit of sexy. How do you feel about Riri being the new face for Emporio Armani?

New Music: JoJo “Guardian Angel”

Jojo has been off the scene for a while but seems to be back and at it now since the release of her remix to Drake’s “Marvin’s Room”. I can’t lie the “Marvin’s Room” remix showed that she still has dope vocals. What’s even more exciting is her new song “Guardian Angel”.  READ MORE