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Beyonce Starts Her Own Tattoo Line…

admin Sep 26 10 8 Comments

(9/26/2010) Beyoncé and her mother Tina Knowles have decided to add temporary tattoos to the sportswear collection. “We decided to invite Temptu to help us create custom body art for her to model with our fashions,” Tina Knowles, Deréon’s founder, designer and creative director, told WWD. “The resulting images were so strong that we realized consumers might want to re-create the tattoos themselves.” On Nov. 1, Deréon and airbrush makeup firm Temptu will release a limited edition collection of both basic and deluxe temporary tattoos to adorn and toughen up your look. The waterproof tattoos will be offered in Deréon’s signature fleur icon and in chains, spider designs, rocker bolts and jewel baubles-giving you a two to five-day edge. The $16-basic kit has eight tattoos and all the pieces needed to affix the designs on your skin, while the online-only deluxe kit will retail for $34 and includes a signed photo of Beyoncé as well as a chance to win a trip to New York. To pull your biker-chick look together, visit Sephora or dereon.com.

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A Pregnant Mariah Carey Slips & Falls On Stage Live

admin Sep 26 10 7 Comments

Mariah Carey fell and bust her butt while performing in Singapore today(9/26). I have to give it to Mariah she is the first superstar that I saw fall on stage and got waited on, live on stage. Unlike Beyonce, Pink, and Lady Gaga who all got up and kept going… Do yall think she’s Pregnant?

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Bishop Eddie Long Has A Penthouse In The Twelve @ Atlantic Station

admin Sep 26 10 13 Comments


I really don’t know what to say about all this Eddie Long drama but I will say something is not right will all these new pictures that are coming out. The HipHopBlog.com found photos that really make me say Hummmm??????

Photos have surfaced of embattled pastor Bishop Eddie Long and some of his ‘Long Fellows’ members in Long’s private Atlanta office. HipHopBlog.com has obtained these exclusive images just as more questionable details have surfaced in the ongoing controversy surrounding the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church pastor. HipHopBlog.com’s sources have revealed that there is a million dollar penthouse in the city’s midtown district that is allegedly owned by the famous mega-church reverend.

The source at the posh Twelve Atlantic Station cites several employees and residents that have noted that Long’s visitors at said location have predominantly been young men.

Long is expected to address allegations brought against him by four former congregation members that the pastor used his influence to coerce them into sexual relationships. He was expected to step down as New Birth pastor immediately thereafter, but reports have recently refuted that claim.

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Ludacris (Feat. Lil Scrappy) – “Everybody Drunk”

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Here is the official video for Luda’s new single featuring my homie Lil Scrappy the video footage contains clips from Luda Day Weekend. tell me what you think?

Bishop Eddie Long | 4th ‘sexual coercion’ lawsuit filed against Bishop Long

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(9/24/2010) This is getting deep. According to news reports, A fourth young man has come forward and said he had sexual relations with Bishop Eddie Long when he was a teenager, the Associated Press reports. Lord have mercy…when it rains, it pours.

Attorney B.J. Bernstein, who’s filed suits on behalf of three young other men making similar allegations, said she is filing a lawsuit Friday on behalf of a member of New Birth Charlotte, a satellite church in North Carolina. She says the teen met Long in May 2005, according to the AP. Read More »

Friday Fact or Fiction: A 2nd Woman Confirms Affair With David Beckham

admin Sep 24 10 6 Comments

(9/24/2010) David Beckham expressed that he’s suing mad doesn’t seem to be stopping these cheating allegations. This makes you wonder if 2010 is the year of the jumpoff come up? In Touch Weekly, in an exclusive interview, says a second prostitute has come forward, saying she saw David with Irma Nici in 2007. Read More »

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Is This How The 2010 Metrosexual Dresses? Lenny Kravitz?

admin Sep 24 10 2 Comments

(9/23/2010)Lenny Kravitz was spotted in knee-high platform boots and leather pants and a blouse in New York City. Is that how the Metrosexual male of 2010 dresses?… Maybe its me and the way I think but after looking at these pictures of the male Diva Kravitz, I am left with the question, have you met Eddie… LOL Here are all the pics… Read More »

Ebony Elektra And Cadillac Kimberly At Origin Nil Films Movie Screening

admin Sep 24 10 7 Comments


(9/24/2010) Last night, I had the chance to go to a movie viewing party hosted by Eboni Elektra from the 3 Brown Girls and Origin Nil Films. The show presented 3 short films that won at the Atlanta Film Festival, and Eboni Elektra actually stars in one. For those who need to be brought up to speed,  Three Brown Girls, LLC is comprised of Kim Porter (Diddy’s woman), Nicole Johnson (America’s Next Top Model official style team), and Eboni Elektra (infamous radio and television personality). Ebony Elecktra rocked the show as the host, and also let FreddyO know she is working on some big things, so be on the look out for her and the 3 Brown Girls. While there, comedian Cadillac Kimberly was there giving all the dirt on Bishop Eddie Long and says, ” if you don’t like it, you could kiss her ass.” Here is her latest you tube video that she put up, and I am telling you, this woman was clearly off the chain. Amazingly, she made some good point  once you filter out the delivery. Y’all check it out and let us know what you think!

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Jennifer Lopez Rejects Ex Boyfriend As Idol Contestant

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(9/24/2010) Jennifer Lopez has banned ex-boyfriend Ojani Noa from auditioning for “American Idol.” Talk about showing your power immediately as you get on the scene. Apparently, he was going to try to sing in front of Lopez and the other judges at the L.A. auditions Wednesday (Sept. 22). Except Noa is 38 years old and nobody Read More »