Nicki Minaj 911 Call Audio Released By Dallas Police

TMZ reporters have gotten a hold of audio from rapper Nicki Minaj’s 911 call in Dallas, TX. Official police documents have surfaced and of course a variety of other rumors. Now, there is audio to go along with the story. What more evidence is needed? In the audio we hear the hotel manager speaking with the 911 operator. In the background you can clearly hear Nicki in the background going off. We even hear a bit of audio stating “I want my luggage.” READ MORE

New Music: Trey Songz Remixes “Headlines”

Sex symbol Trey Songz remixes Drake’s Headlines. Trigga demonstrates his rap skills and still shows off his vocals. The lyrics are a bit explicit and of course he addresses his haters all through the song. I wonder if Drake’s Headlines is going to be the next big song that EVERYONE remixes. You gotta make an opinion for yourself though. Tell me what you think: READ MORE

Jay-Z and Pharrell To Combine Clothing Lines

Jay-Z will be partnering with Pharrell in a new business venture between their respective clothing lines. GQ magazine wrongly reported Jay-Z was to buy Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club clothing line, but Jay went to Twitter to set the record straight. Rocawear, known for its urban appeal will interesect with the skater boy/hip-hop fusion that Pharrell rocks. Pharell will maintain his creative control over BBC and Jay-Z will use his marketing prowess to promote the brand. BBC will still remain a high-end retail commodity as well.

Tommy Ford’s new show Don’t Be Stupid, taped in Downtown Atlanta’s Mingles, was hosted by Ms. Sophia. This week’s topic dealt with sexuality and sexual orientation, and questions included: who knows women better, a straight man or a homosexual man and can a homosexual men and straight men be friends?

It was a packed house with a great panel that Ms. Sophia served on as well. Guests included comedians Bruce Bruce and Rodney Perry, as well as the 5th accuser of Bishop Eddie Long in that sex scandal a few months ago, Centino Kemp. A talent show also took place that had the winner take home money collected at the door!.Actors Keisha Knight-Pullman and Mel Jackson were in the building as well and expressed their opinions towards the end of the show.

While the topic was interesting, if not controversial, discussing stereotypes, friendships and attitudes between heterosexuals and homosexuals, the highlight of the evening was Centino Kemp’s performance of his song, “P*rnography.” (If you don’t know Centino, check him out here.) READ MORE

While some of you may have never heard of him, Tinie Tempah is big stuff in Great Britain, some would even venture to call him the British Jay-Z! Our team recently met up with him at the Fox Sports Grill in Atlantic Station before a concert to get the lowdown. Tempah dropped his debut album Disc-Overy last year and has been dropping hit singles ever since, including Pass Out, Frisky, Written in the Stars featuring Eric Turner, Miami 2 Ibiza and Invincible featuring Kelly Rowland. He’s done a few shows with Rihanna and Usher during the european leg of their tours; and recently dropped Till I’m Gone featuring Wiz Khalifa. The EMI Records artist also pulled a win at the BET Awards for Best International Act.

Tinie Tempah Shaking Hands with Afrika Baby Bam formerly of Jungle Brothers READ MORE

Founder Len Gibson and actor Tommy Ford recently got together to promote the 6th Annual Peachtree Village International Film Festival is set to hit Midtown Atlanta on August 18-21. During a media session, the organizers of the festival announced some an impressive schedule of events, which is comprised of special appearances by actress/activist Ruby Dee, producer Monty Ross, and actors Samuel L. Jackson, Aisha Hinds, Bill Nunn, Bill Cobbs and Tommy Ford. The festival will also be celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever and Mario Van Peebles’ New Jack City. READ MORE

Clive Bailey, the casting coordinator for some of BET’s hottest shows, including The Game, Let’s Stay Together and Read Between The Lines, celebrated his 26th birthday at the Museum Bar in Atlanta.

Special guests included  Tiffany Evans, Cadillac Kimberly, Sean Bankhead and Kim Kimball. The chef, Jason Ellis, was recently featured on Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen.

See more pics below:  READ MORE

The Dream wasn’t just talking out the side of his neck the other day when he told fans on twitter that he was going to release a free LP. Today he released the cover art for his mixtape Terius Nash EST. 1977. READ MORE