Jim Jones Pleads Guilty To Traffic Violation

Jim Jones is a little lighter in the wallet following a visit to Manhattan Criminal Court on Thursday. The rap star pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor traffic violation and paid a 200-dollar fine. He was also ordered to hand over an 80 dollar court surcharge. Jim’s minor legal drama began back in March when he was pulled over for driving on a suspended license. Following his court appearance, Jim told the “New York Post” that he’d “had enough of this building and they have had enough of my money.” When asked if he would be back, the emcee replied “I’m praying not to.”

It’s been a few months since Fantasia announced her pregnancy to the world, and while some of us were thrilled of the new life she was bringing into the world, others were not moved at all. Members of legendary gospel singer Mahalia Jackson’s camp are more than shocked by her pregnancy, for she is to star in the biographical film, “Mahalia” as the queen of gospel. READ MORE

Miss Universe Leila Lopes Addresses Her Haters

We told you before about the allegations against Miss Universe, Leila Lopes, that many thought that she falsified documents that allowed her to win previous pageants that led her to win the ultimate title that she now holds, Miss Universe. Finally the beauty has gotten around to addressing all of these rumors and the haters. Check it out inside. READ MORE

Denzel Washington has recently donated $2.25 million to his alma mater Fordham University. The distinguished actor wants to fuel the acting chapter at the school so $2 million of the donation will endow the Denzel Washington Chair in Theatre.  This program will allow high caliber professionals to come to the school and teach a class once a semester to help students who are interested in acting. It doesn’t stop there either! READ MORE

Kelly Rowland graces the November issue of ‘Cosmopolitan UK’ and opens up about her life. Rowland, who does not talk much about her childhood nor her breast enlargement finally opens up about the two. READ MORE

Keyshia Cole New Album Drops In February

Keyshia Cole will be releasing her fifth album early next year 2012. The singer has revealed on her Twitter page that the follow-up to “Calling All Hearts” will drop in February. Keyshia says she’s expecting big things from her next record, noting that she’s “in love” with the songs she’s already recorded. Keyshia’s “Calling All Hearts” arrived last December, opening at number nine on the Billboard 200 chart. Here are some pic’s from her twitter page make sure yall support my girl!!!

Have you ever gone into a movie theatre that was crowded, loud, seats uncomfortable maybe, and said to yourself, I wish I could watch this at home. Well your wish has finally come true. Comcast is giving its customers the pleasure of watching brand new movies at home in their own comfort zone.  The first movie they are testing comes from Universal Pictures and is a comedy starring Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller entitled, “Tower Heist” which is set for theatres November 4th.


Young Jeezy New Video “Chicken No Flour”

The official video for  Jeezy’s “Chickens No Flour” from that street certified The Real Is Back 2mixtape out now. Produced by my boi Lil Lody and directed by Daniel Czernilofsky. Can someone please tell me what Jeezy means when he say’s we cooking Chicken No Flour!!!! Tell me if you feeling the song and video?