Casey Anthony Offered $5 Million For Interview


Casey Anthony is about to have racks on rack on racks! A company named Schalmo Production, based in Ohio, has taken to their twitter account saying,

Looking at more recent tweets from the Schalmo Productions account, it appears that they are catching a lot of flack behind the $5 million offer. People are saying that they are going to boycott the interview. I’m not going for that at all. I can’t name one person who doesn’t want to get inside the brain of Casey Anthony.  Besides this, I don’t know anybody who can get out of jail and make money like this. The money flow doesn’t just stop there either people! A producer named Al Taylor said that he was contacted to meet Casey Anthony in Palm Springs, California this past Tuesday. He said that her first words were, “Where’s the check?”. Al Taylor had offered $1 million for an interview. This is crazy! Chick gets out of jail and is on a paper trail. I gotta get yall’s thoughts on this. Would you boycott the Schalmo Productions interview?

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August 25th will be the 10th anniversary of singer Aaliyah’s death. BET told fans on twitter that they were going to do a special tribute for her next month.

While they told fans that there would be a special tribute, they didn’t reveal what type of tribute. Whatever they decide to do, I’m sure it will be special to all of her fans. While she may have been gone for 10 years, Aaliyah is still a common house hold name and her fans have spread across all generations. What do you think the tribute will feature?

Also, BET finally gives Killer Mike a break for his new video “Burn”. The network had banned Killer Mike’s protest anthem song because they felt as if it was too much violent imagery in the video. READ MORE


In a recent interview with complex magazine, Beyonce showed just how humble she is. She told them,”There is room on this earth for many queens. I have no desire for anyone else’s throne”. Note that she said, “anyone else’s throne”. She makes it clear that she has her own but is not cocky about anything because she feels there more than enough room. This is the just the attitude that a true diva with a solid fan base should have though. Why worry about petty ish when your album is leading Billboards 200.

Bey’s been doing interviews in some other places too like Access Hollywood. READ MORE

Rihanna Grabs Her Mom’s Breast

Rihanna is known for feeling up other women, but this is one is taking it to another level! Rihanna was spotted backstage at a concert of her’s before she went on with Kanye West, grabbing her mom’s boob. Looks as if her grandma was just trying to stay out of the crazy altercation.

It’s good to see Riri having some family fun before her set. Grandma looks like she wasn’t giving into any of the foolishness the entire time. I wonder who’s hat Rihanna had on though.

In other Rihanna news, fans should be on the alert because of tweet that the singer sent off saying, “#DefJam I just left the building!! Great shit RihannaNavy!! Grreaat shit! Can’t WAIT for this fall.” I wonder what it could be being that she hasn’t a gazillion endorsements already. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be exciting. Keep your eyes and ears open yall! Now, would you grab your mom’s boob? How would she feel about that? This is some type of love.

R. Kelly In The Hospital For Throat Abscess

They say when it rains, it pours and the quote is holding true for R&B singer R. Kelly. Not too long ago we told you about his home in Chicago going into foreclosure because he had been spending his money on some suspicious activity. Well now, R. Kelly is facing bigger issues. His money maker (his throat) is in bad shape! The singer checked himself into a Chicago hospital because had been suffering from serious pain in his throat.  Since then he has had an emergency throat surgery to drain an abscess. This is no good because dude is still out and about promoting Love Letter. More importantly, he’s gonna need his throat if he has any plans of trying to get his house out of foreclosure. I wish you all the best! Get better soon. What do you think of this situation? What do you think led to this situation?

Andre 3000 Is NOT Going To Play Jimi Hendrix

I’m sure you remember a few weeks back we reported that Andre 3000 was supposed to play Jimi Hendrix in his biopic. Well it turns that Andre 3000 will NOT be playing Jimi Hendrix and its because of the owners of Jimi Hendrix’s estate. Hendrix’s estate has issues a statement saying:

“The estate of Jimi Hendrix has responded to rumors of a biopic being completed but confirm they are working on releasing more documentary footage. READ MORE

New Music: Jay-Z and Kanye West “Otis”

Finally we have some new music from Jay-Z and Kanye West from their highly anticipated album Watch The Throne. I’m sure I’m not the only one who had been waiting for the new music with Kanye doing guest appearances everywhere including the 7th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival and more recently, Rihanna’s LOUD concert at the Nassau Coliseum last night. The song features an old school flavored beat that gives you something to nod your head to. Along with the dope beat, Jay and Kanye take consecutive  turns rapping their verses throughout the song. This is a great release to set fans up for the release of Watch The Thrown which should drop in about  two weeks. Are you feeling this song?

Diggy Simmons Films Video For “Copy, Paste”

Atlantic Records artist, Diggy Simmons recently shot his video for his new song Copy, Paste and we’ve got exclusive pics from the set here!

The video looks to be something very futuristic with the props and the sets that are being used in these pictures. You can tell that this is a project that he’s putting a lot of time and effort into.

Dude looks too cool. This song will be featured on his debut album Coming Soon. The video should feature some pretty fancy footwork. One thing is for sure:  Diggy is one talented kid.

Diggy even got into some group choreography for his new  joint. This is something to look forward to being that I’ve never seen him dance.

Diggy this is definitely a good look for you. Keep up the good work. Are you looking forward to the release of this video?

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