Simon Cowell  won’t be the only “X Factor” judge returning for the show’s second season. Music mogul L.A. Reid has agreed to come back for another year. According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” the Epic Records chairman signed on for a second season last Friday. News of Reid’s return comes just days after the show dropped fellow judges Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, and host Steve Jones.

U.S. weekly reports that Simon Cowell is also trying to add Beyonce to the cast of X factor as a full-time judge reportedly offering her an annual salary of $100 million to do the show.


Kelly Clarkson didn’t miss a note while performing the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLVI. She was joined by a children’s choir. Watch the video below and tell me what you think? READ MORE

Roseanne Barr is officially running to be the next president of the United States and she’s got the paperwork to prove it.

The Television comedienne registered with the Federal Election Commission late January to run for the Green Party nomination, the Los Angeles Times reports.

“Both the Democratic and Republican parties are bought and paid for by corporate America and cater to the needs of the highest bidder as opposed to the people they claim to represent,” Barr said in a statement on Green Party Watch . She adds that she’s been “a tireless advocate of Occupy Wall Street” since its beginning. And I can say that she has Remember this post I did….

Barr announced her presidential bid (for the second time) on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” back in August.


The presidential nomination poll conducted on Green Party Watch, 29 percent of the votes went to Barr, a distant second to Jill Stein, one of three opponents she’ll face at the Green Party’s nomination convention in July.

Roseanne wrote on Twitter, “I run in support of The Green Party & probably of Jill Stein—hopefully I can be of service by speaking on media about a viable choice 4 voters.” A Vice President Barr also doesn’t seem to be in the cards: “jill has already named a vice. i’m just in it to support the greens and their fine american message.”

Unless the voters appreciate her straightforward campaign slogan — “vote for me, I’ll fix this!,”  and demand her to be President.

Roseanne platform includes a promise to institute “#Europeanstyle” single-payer healthcare within the first 100 days of her term, and to forgive all credit card and mortgage debt “by kicking out the FED-those to whom all this fake debt is owed.” Get Ummm!!! READ MORE

I have heard from a lot of people Nicki Minajis, is some times hard to work with and has an outrageous list of demands. After reading the February/March issue of Wonderland Magazine I can see her list of demands with my own eye’s. In the mag the 29-year-old rapper’s specific list of diva demands are revealed from her tour rider (a tour rider is things the artist request before coming to a performance). The TheJasmineBrand Reports Nicki’s rider includes: dried cranberries, raw almonds and 24 bottles of Dasani water — 12 at room temperature, 12 on ice. Really!!! But wait there’s more: READ MORE

Elephant Man Say’s He Didn’t Rape Anyone

 Elephant Man is denying allegations that he raped a woman last month. The reggae star spoke with Jamaica’s TVJ News and insisted that he would never “let down the fans” like that. Elephant Man stated that the story has been falsely reported, and added that he’s a role model and this entire incident is serving as a lesson. READ MORE

 On Thursday, February 2nd, Talking hosted a pretty powerful conversation with some great food, Cocktails, and Three Brown Girls.The event was an intimate conversation with: Actress/Designer Kim Porter, Media Personality/Blogger Eboni Elektra, and CEO of Sam Cooke Estate Nicole Johnson.

Event host, I’na Saulsbery (The Starfire Group) took the ladies through their rise to prominence, their adventures in motherhood and the upcoming re-launch of the acclaimed event concept “Lip Service” that lead to the discovery of Janelle Monae, and many more. Guest enjoyed choice delectables courtesy of Taste of the City Cafe and complimentary cocktails courtesy of Martini Moscato d’Asti. I smell A TV show coming!!!


Tracy Morgan decided to respond to his sister and mother allegations that he’s a bad brother and son. The “30 Rock” star tells E! News that he’s “saddened” by these “untrue stories,” adding that he hasn’t seen his mom in eleven years, and has had “little to no contact” with his sister.

Tracy won’t explain why he’s estranged from most of his family, adding only that he’s gotten “used to it.” Earlier this week, Tracy’s sister Asia Morgan told the “New York Daily News” that the comedian refuses to help their mother keep her home in northeast Ohio. Asia claims that Tracy is only willing to give their mom two-thousand dollars, when she needs close to 25-thousand to
continue living in her house. Asia added that Tracy’s “never been a nice person and money’s just made it worse.”

Tracy’s mother  Alicia Warden replies, READ MORE

Ice-T and Coco Ready To Have Kids

 Celebrity couple  Ice-T 53 and Coco 32 will be returning to TV screens later this month for the second season of their reality TV show.


“Ice Loves Coco” makes its season two debut on Sunday, February 19th at 10:30 p.m. Eastern on the E! network.and Coco say the pitter patter of little feet may soon be filling up their home.


The reality TV stars tell E! News that they’re “getting closer” to having a baby.


Coco admits that she’s feeling “a lot of peer pressure” to finally have a child, but explains that she still feels young and will get pregnant when she


feels ready. Ice-T says he’s on no real schedule, noting that “at the end of the day, it’s Coco’s call.” The rap icon adds that whenever his wife “puts in the order I can do the deed.”