Beyonce’s ‘4’ Goes Platinum

She still runs the world, just one month after being released, Beyonce’s 4 has gone platinum. READ MORE

Jay-Z took to the radio to address the rumors of him and Kanye West getting into a fight and beefing over how much money to spend on Watch The Throne concerts. READ MORE


Kim K announced on her blog today that Vera Wang will be the designer of her wedding dress. This comes as no surprise being that her sister Khloe has been quoted saying, ” Kim goes big. I joke, and I say it will be like the royal wedding because she is just like that”. READ MORE

Remember all the craziness that took place when Halle Berry had helicopter and cops on feet on her property searching for a man that she saw staring at her through a window? Well now he’s been slapped with a 3 year restraining order from an LA judge. READ MORE

Swizz Beatz and wifey Alicia Keys have teamed up to produce International Party. This song is just a part of Reeboks “Reethym of Life” series. READ MORE

Lil Kim Gets Signed To Universal Music Group

Rapper Lil Kim is now signed to Universal Music Group. There had been rumors that she was signed to G-Unit but now we know that was completely false. READ MORE

Rihanna was seen backing it up on a local at the Kadooment Parade in Barbados this weekend. From the looks of things she’s more than happy to be home. READ MORE

Congregation Still Supports Bishop Eddie Long

New Birth church members reacted to the news that Bishop Eddie Long’s 5th accuser had been found with enduring support. Fox News 5 Atlanta recently stopped by the church after Wednesday Bible Study to interview parishioners regarding their opinions about the continuing scandal. READ MORE