Swizz Beatz is endorsing yet another product. This time it’s something that may seem a little out of the ordinary for a hip-hop figure: Bing search engine. In the video, it shows Swizz Beatz in NYC typing in a club called The Foundry on the search engine Bing. He then clicks share which then goes out to a number of people’s smart phones. Everyone seems in a rush to get to The Foundry where they get to see Swizz perform live. After the concert, Swizz uses the Bing search again to find somewhere to vacation and calls up his wifey Alicia and tells her it’s time to jet. READ MORE

My girl Ciara was spotted out in Hollywood this weekend doing her thing at Hype Popstarz. She gave the concert every bit of her signature sexiness that she known for starting with her attire for the concert. She wore a lace bustier top that showed off her flat abs. In addition to that she had on some skin tight black leather pants that revealed every curve that she’s working with. READ MORE

Jadakiss & Drake Talk Lil Wayne & Jay-Z Rap Beef

Yonkers-born rapper Jadakiss put it all out there on twitter, basically saying he wants no part of the Jay-Z/Lil Wayne Beef that seems to be brewing. Claiming that he has no problem naming rappers that he’s dissing, it sounds a little more like he can’t handle the beef lyrically. One could even assume he was taking shots at Lil Wayne…if Wayne was really trying to go at Jay-Z.

He then goes on to tweet how he got the beat 3 months ago and rhymed over it and to leave him out of the beef…I’m wondering if a little beef could help out Jada…maybe drop a new cd get him some much needed publicity. What you think?

Drake goes on record the beef saying he’s got nothing to do with it…What’s going on in the rap game? Nobody ran from a lil lyrical drama before. Check out the video: READ MORE

Solange Gets Gun Pulled On Her By Police

Singer Solange during a recent stint in Miami appears to be having problems with the Miama police. That’s right with the PO PO! In a slew of tweets, she describes a Miami Police officer pulling a gun out on her and begins to talk about how she is reporting the incident and about raising black children in America. Whooo, talk about keeping the struggle alive. Is Solange set to become the nation’s next civil rights leader? READ MORE

Dwyane Wade Shoots Down Lauren London Rumors

In an interview on the Tony Sculfield & the Morning Riot: Hollywood to Hollyhood with Nina Chantele, Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade addressed recently surfaced rumors about he and Lauren London having an affair. When asked about the recently surfaced rumors (See Shaq emails here) Wade responded:

“Yeah, ummm, I’m gonna put it out there, Lauren is my best friend. You know I don’t have many lady friends. You men can’t have any lady friends…So I get one. Lauren is my best friend as a lady…We like brother and sister. All those rumors man, it doesn’t mean anything. The rumors is just talk.”

He and Gabrielle Union are still together and he even “sung her praises” during the interview.

Check it out below. Do you believe him? READ MORE

New Music: Mya Ft. Trina “Earthquake”

Uh oh! Two of the hottest in the game are back at it again! R&B singer Mya has teamed up with Trina for her new song called Earthquake. We haven’t heard much from Mya lately but she shows us that she’s coming back strong with lyrics stating, “Shake it like a earthquake”. Of course she’s not talking about mother nature but instead her hind parts. Trina is hops on the track talking about her derriere and her expensive taste. READ MORE

Beyonce Stole The Concept For Her ‘1+1′ Video?

Word on the street is that Beyonce has swagger jacked  French director Henri-Georges Clouzot’s concept from his movie Inferno for her new video for 1+1. While looking at the video clip of Inferno it’s no surprise why many would think that Beyonce stole the concept. However, Bey is honest about most things like this. For instance in her video for Who Run The World (Girls) she told everyone in her documentary for 4 that she got the idea for the dance moves from a video she saw on YouTube. READ MORE

New Video: Teairra Mari “That’s All Me”

Teairra Mari has just recently released her video for her new song That’s All Me. Granted she does have a lot going on, this is the perfect time to drop a new video since everyone has their attention on her. The black and white video shows Teairra with a pretty girl swag walking around with a small puppy and even flaunting a Louis Vuitton belt. READ MORE