Just so yall know Whitney Houston has ditched her toy Ray-J for R&B singer Tyrese Gibson or should I say that’s the false rumor!  They saying Tyrese and Whitney met at a pre-Grammy party that was hosted by Clive Davis on Valentine’s Day and it has been on since then. True to cougar standard, Whitney called Tyrese after the party and asked him out. Of course, Tyrese is denying all of this according to his tweets.

Tyrese Gibson doesn’t want to have any romantic connection with Whitney Houston and is now laughing off recent claims that he is secretly dating the Whitney, Tyrese stressed the word “Never” in a clarifying message on Twitter about dating her.

“Negative blogs, press, blurbs, people spreading negative things. Rumors. I rest WELL at night cause none of these things matter anymore..,” the 32-year-old first reacted. In another tweet, he posted a link to the dating story by Rumor Fix and wrote, “Man if ya’ll don’t GTFOH w this dumb s**t.. Hahahahahaahahaa… #NEVER… I repeat.. NEVER..!!” READ MORE

Another fan has died living the American Dream. Shannon Brown, a Texas Ranger fan, fell 20 feet onto hard concrete. Onlookers say that Brown lost his balance and fell over the outfield railing in an attempt to catch a foul ball from All Star outfielder Josh Hamilton. Nearby fan Ronnie Hargris tried to catch him but his efforts proved too slow as Brown fell head first. To make matters worse, Brown’s 8- year old son watched the whole ordeal and was then left in the stands as he was rushed out on a stretcher.

Within less than an hour, Brown was pronounced dead at a Fort Worth hospital.  Brown was a lieutenant for the Bronwood fire department and had been a fire fighter for 18 years. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened either. If you remember back in May, a 27 year old man died of the same death at a Colorado Rockies game. Josh Hamilton, as well as the rest of team, are very distraught over this accident.

Waka Flocka’s Quitting The Rap Game?

According to a recent interview with my girl Elle Duncan of the Ryan Cameron Show (V103-Atlanta), rapper Waka Flocka announced on his twitter page he’s leaving the rap game. Elle Duncan asked the rapper about his recent tweets where he stated that “this game is too fake” and that he is going to quit rap after this year.

Waka went on to confirm that those tweets were true and further emphasized on how “the game as a whole is fake”.

Waka is currently working on a new reality show with Gucci Mane and on tour. READ MORE


We all would love to see footage of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s wedding but unfortunately we probably never will. However, Beyonce’s new video for “Best Thing I Never Had” is the closest that any of us will ever see her near marital bliss.  The superstar released her new video which features the diva in bridal wear and also clips of her prom with an ex with wandering eyes and idle hands.

This video is the second official video from her new album “4” which has already went on to sell 313, 420 units.

Monica just dropped her new single titled “Anything (To Find You)”. Monica enlisted hit maker Missy Elliot to help her produce the track which contains samples of Biggie Smalls “Who Shot Ya”. The hot joint also features rappers Rick Ross and Lil Kim . You can find the new single on her upcoming album “New Life”.

NeNe & Greg Leakes Are Back In Love & Back Together


A picture says a thousand words and I have to says after hearing what went on at Essence this year I guess they now just confirm…  Two of my favorite people NeNe & Greg are back together . So people before yall jump to conclusions let NeNe and Greg tell us themselves…


True love never leaves!!!!!!

Awwww look at Greg & his baby, she got them Red Bottoms on so yall know the checks are coming in…. Don’t be hatting just let them be happy Here are all the pic’s

Spotted @ StraightFromTheA

Mariah Carey has been keeping a low profile since giving birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe on April 30, but the singer was seen heading home in Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon.

Casey Anthony Will Remain in Jail

Judge Belvin Perry sentenced Casey Anthony on Thursday to four years for lying to investigators but says she could go free in late July or early August because she has already served nearly three years in jail and has had good behavior.

While acquitted of killing and abusing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, Anthony was convicted of four counts of lying to detectives trying to find her daughter in July 2008. She lied to them about working at the Universal Studios theme park, about leaving her daughter with a non-existent nanny named Zanny, about leaving the girl with friends and about receiving a phone call from her. READ MORE