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A very pregnant and nude Nia Long takes cover on the November 2011 “Ebony”magazine. Long is pregnant with her second child, but first with NBA’s Spurs player Ime Udok. The two have been dating for a year now and did not expect the news. As Long puts it she “almost fainted.” Ebony dished that the actress spoke candidly about her childhood, her unexpected pregnancy, and many other topics. Long, who is 40 years old feels society should not dictate our lives. She goes on to say,


“The medical profession tries to tell every woman, ‘Have your babies before 40…’ Society tells us ‘Get married before 30…’ I think if we just take our time as women, and do what comes natural to us and for us, we would make fewer mistakes.” READ MORE

Singer Hank Williams, Jr. has issued an apology today for a comment he made that compared President Obama to dictator Adolf Hitler. Williams’ comments caused his song to be pulled from the ESPN network where fans know him for his song Are You Ready for Some Football, which is the theme song for Monday night football. The song has been a part of the series telecasts since 1989. READ MORE

Rapper T.I. is firing back at all the blogs and websites that had something to say about his doings at The Compound club Saturday night. The King said that people are “blowing this all out of proportion about Compound, Saturday night”. In so many words, if you exaggerated the ordeal that went down Saturday night, T.I. thinks you “need to stop!”. READ MORE

Celebrities and a non-profit organization are on a mission to help the alarm clock. The Get Schooled Foundation, a non-profit, is joining forces with U.S cities, including Seattle to record celebs making wake-up calls to students, The Seattle Times reports. The wake-up calls will reportedly ensure that students, across the country, get up in time for school. READ MORE

Tupac Sex Tape Stirs Bidding Frenzy

There have been reports of video of the late and great Tupac Shakur having sex on camera and porn companies are in a bidding frenzy for the rights to the tape. Two adult film companies have come forward offering close to 6 figure deals to buy and sell this footage. According to TMZ the owner of the tape is negotiating deals which is said to feature Pac receiving oral sex from a woman while rapping on camera. READ MORE

Jay-Z to Re-Release Decoded Book

Great news for all the Jay-Z fans of the world as the rapper has revealed he will be re-releasing his New York Times Bestseller ‘Decoded’ with new features. The dad-to-be says this re-release will in stores November 1 as a paperback edition with an all black cover.

In addition to the book now being in paperback he also said there will be another chapter added so if you have the first book you might wanna get you the second one as well. That Jay-Z know how to make him some more money!!! READ MORE

A $15 Million dollar settlement was arranged for the accusers in the Eddie Long sex scandal and now Eddie is saying he wants some of his money back. If you remember, earlier this year media coverage revealed a sexual misconduct lawsuit against the Lithonia, Georgia pastor filed against him by 5 younger male members of his own congregation. READ MORE