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Aretha Franklin Wants Ms. Halle Berry To Play Her In Her Life Movie

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(9/21/10) Aretha, the self proclaimed Queen of Soul wrote a press release about who she think should be in her life movie. Here are Aretha’s choices: Aretha Franklin played by Halle Berry; C.L. Franklin, her father played by Denzel Washington; Smokey Robinson played by Terrence Howard. But I know Halle can play her during her younger days. Read More »

Chris Brown Announces Next Album Will Be Called “F.A.M.E.”

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(9/21/2010) R&B star Chris Brown is revealing new details about his next release. The singer recently stopped by Austin, Texas’ 102.3 The Beat, where he revealed the title of his upcoming album. Brown stated, quote, “The name of my album is ‘F.A.M.E.,’ so make sure you check it out.” “F.A.M.E.,” which stands for “Forgiving All My Enemies,” is the same acronym that Brown had tattooed on his arm this past July. Read More »

New Video: Faith Evans- Already Gone

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(9/21/2010) The official video for Faith Evans’ “Gone Already” from her Something About Faith album due out October 5th. This will mark Faith’s sixth studio work overall and her first in five years. In any case, this is a solid R&B ballad…catchy and sentimental; a pure R&B effort. Nothing WOW but it works. Faith looks very classy and beautiful. Check out the video below!

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Ciara Is Single And Ready To Mingle!

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(9/21/2010) Ciara recently told hollyscoop.com that she needs a special man. I don’t blame her, because she is indeed a special lady. I mean, have ya’ll seen her video “Ride”…I’m just saying. She stated in the article:

“I want someone who is confident, someone that’s fun, someone that can support me and motivate me, and they gotta be sexy too,” she said. “I am finishing up my new album Basic Instinct. I executive produced it with Tricky and The Dream, and my fans are really going to be in for a treat.”

She recently completed shooting for music videos “Speechless” and “Gimmie Dat,” she calls both her greatest. Read More »

Lil Wayne’s “I Am Not A Human Being” Will Now Be Full-Length Album

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(9/21/2010) Incarcerated rap superstar Lil Wayne will now be celebrating his 28th birthday with a full-length album. The emcee’s manager, Cortez Bryant, tells MTV News that “I Am Not A Human Being” will arrive on September 27th as a complete record instead of an EP. Bryant says the album will include tracks that were originally targeted for Weezy’s upcoming “Tha Carter Four” album, adding, quote, “I know once he got out [of jail] those songs would be so old to him.” Read More »

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WTF? New Dance Craze In South America…

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(9/20/2010) Now the U.S. is known for making some silly ass dances, but this clearly the craziest dance ‘craze’ I have ever seen. It involves a little…no, a lot of bumping and grinding, then…you head butt the booty. Right.  Then you chest bump the booty, and hit it with your shoulder, then you kick and knee the booty,…and bump hips like you are doing the butt, then go back bumping and grinding. Then the man and woman switch positions, and she gets her grind on. I am not making this up. Look, I thought the ‘Flex’ was a retarded dance…this is retarded plus a work out. Check it out and let us know what you think!!

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KCi and JoJo New Reality Show: “Come Clean”

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(9/20/2010) K-Ci & JoJo, for you youngn’s, were members of the 90′s R&B sensation Jodeci. These cats show you first hand what the future of entertainers looks like… who enjoyed partying… with those rocks, alcohol, and booger sugar early in their careers.Their reality show Come Clean coming recently premiered on TV-One. They also have an album to follow on Babyface’s Soda Pop Records….riiight. Also, Jodeci will be back in 2011 with DeVante & Dalvin’s brother along for the ride. This should be interesting…

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Jennifer Hudson On Weight Watchers And Looks Stunning!

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(9/20/2010) My my my. Jennifer Hudson has revealed that she is still getting familiar with her new body, and that it’s taking some time to get used to. The Oscar winner recently became a Weight Watchers ambassador after dropping from a size 16 to a size 6 and she admitted recently that she dropped another 20lbs. The singer and actress says that she still can’t get over her new dress sizes and is really aware of her new shape when she is shopping for clothes. Read More »

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Nicki Minaj Covers Complex Magazine + Video!

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I mean, what can we say? Its Nick Minaj. Sexy as ever. In her Complex interview, cover girl Nicki Minaj (looking ever so exquisite and tantalizing in her fishnets and heels) talks about Lil Wayne’s influence on her kooky and erratic raps. She also reveals a song Drake wrote for her that went to another female hip-hop artist, and even comments on all those ever-growing bisexual rumors. Check out the blurb of the interview below!

When you look at the two singles you’ve had so far, “Massive Attack” is more experimental and “Your Love” is more conventional. Does it bother you that people were less receptive to something different?
Nicki Minaj: It was a good lesson to learn early on. I actually think the public made the right choice.
What was the lesson?
Nicki Minaj:To just go with my heart and my first instinct.
So your first instinct wasn’t “Massive Attack”?
Nicki Minaj: You’re making it seem that way. I didn’t say anything.
It’s just the way you looked down…
Nicki Minaj: Why are you looking at my eyes?

Get em Nicki! Click below to check out the photos from the shoot !!

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