We always see Tiny and T.I. and their beautiful kids but have you ever wondered what the mother of his youngest daughter  been up to?  Ms. Niko, mother of T.I.’s youngest daughter Deyjah,  has now decided to make moves with her singing and rap career. We got our hands on her new singles off her new mixtape(Love Khronicles Mixtape)  titled “If This Is Luv” and  “Maneater”. For more info on her music you can follow her on Twitter/@MS_NIKO_ or visit her website www.MSNIKO.com. Mrs.Niko mixes R&B with a little street and manages to pull off the perfect combo. This sexy mom has no plans of slowing down and wont stop until she’s an household name. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you, Ms. Niko! Click on the link for her 2 videos. READ MORE

According to sources, Kanye West and Jay managed to bag a whooping amount of $6 million from a Christmas show in Dubai.

Despite being a country where Christmas isn’t celebrated that widely, the two singers made $6 million from the show held in there. The show took place a few days before Christmas. Guess who arranged it? Manchester City Football Club owner Sheikh Mansour. READ MORE

Anita Baker Confirms She Got Into A Fight With Jill Scott

We recently reported that the problem at the backstage of VH1 Divas Celebrate Soul was not caused by Anita Baker and this was claimed by an anonymous commentator on the Internet. Click here to read our story on the Truth About Diva fight between Jill and Anita. Now, the star has confirmed the anonymous spiller that he or she was right indeed.

Check out the screenshots below of Anita’s twitter stream where she explains the whole matter in 11 continuous tweets.



Diddy recently said that he is focusing on acting as his first career as well as drawing on his music production business. He told AdWeek that he has some major announcements at the top of the year on things he’s producing and an that the is announcement bigger than anything he’s ever done.

According to sources, Diddy said that he’s looking forward to 2012 as he’s moving to the big screen along with his continued music production. He claims himself to be one of the most successful African-American television executive producers in history. READ MORE

Louis Vuitton Now Makes Polo Bikes

Louis Vuitton Now Makes Polo Bikes !!! When it comes to unique craftsmanship, the French seem hard to beat.

Recently Vuitton teamed up with polo bike players Hannes Hengst and Grégory Barbier to produce their very own LV Polo Bike.


Louis Vuitton Now Makes Condoms


The details of each part of the bike are very impressive. I know Rappers all over the world will be trying to buy one to show off their fake status.



Man Tattoo’s Louis Vuitton On Arm & Head

No word on the cost, but we can imagine that it’s a lot more than the makeshift mallets used elsewhere. Here’s what Vuitton had to say about the bike:


“From the embossed leather pedal straps and mallet holders, to the machined chainring (by Victoire), etched barplugs, via the leather wheel cover, culminating with a spectacular hollowed out mallet head, attached to a fully wrapped shaft. All of it using the classic Vuitton patterns and shapes.”

Jennifer Hudson’s pro wrestler fiance David Otunga experienced a difficult knock out by The Big Show on WWE’s Smackdown last week. The “Punk” from VH1’s “I Love New York” was wishing everyone a happy holiday when The Big Show took advantage of the time and knocked him out of the game.

While pro-wrestling may be fake, or look to be fake, slow motion replay of the attack somehow gives us a hint that some contact was made before.

Watch the Smackdown’s knock out below.


Michael Jordan Got Engaged To Girlfriend Yvette Prieto

Rumors have surfaced again that Michael Jordan and his longtime girlfriend Yvette Prieto got engaged over the Christmas weekend.


Similar reports were floating around the net prior to this rumor that two years ago, the NBA star not just proposed but also secretly married the Cuban American model who reportedly once also dated Julio Iglesias, Jr.



According to reports fo LALATE, Jordan and Prieto bought 3-bedroom 5000-sqr foot house in Florida for $300,000 back in 2009.


The model came under spotlights after she appeared at Jordan’s basketball Hall of Fame induction in 2009. They were also spotted around Miami Beach, possibly dating around.

There has been no comment from the couple since the new rumors have spread throughout the media and fan base. Here are photos of MJ his new girlfriend and ex-wife …. I know yall want to say something? LOL Speak yo mind!!!!

Spotted @ eurweb.

Kanye West Moving to the UK to Focus on his Fashion Business

Famous rapper Kanye West is reportedly starting a business in the United Kingdom, according to reports by British tabloids.


Kanye West & Jay-Z Steals Song From RHOA Star Sheree Whitfield

The rapper, born in Chicago, is said to have obtained property in London with the purpose of expanding his business in fashion from the US to UK.

Kanye Kicks Fan Out Of Concert {Video}

Someone overheard him at a holiday party for the label DW that took place at The Embassy nightclub saying his guests that he is going to spend most of his time in England in the New Year. READ MORE