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Friday Fact or Fiction: A 2nd Woman Confirms Affair With David Beckham

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(9/24/2010) David Beckham expressed that he’s suing mad doesn’t seem to be stopping these cheating allegations. This makes you wonder if 2010 is the year of the jumpoff come up? In Touch Weekly, in an exclusive interview, says a second prostitute has come forward, saying she saw David with Irma Nici in 2007. Read More »

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Is This How The 2010 Metrosexual Dresses? Lenny Kravitz?

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(9/23/2010)Lenny Kravitz was spotted in knee-high platform boots and leather pants and a blouse in New York City. Is that how the Metrosexual male of 2010 dresses?… Maybe its me and the way I think but after looking at these pictures of the male Diva Kravitz, I am left with the question, have you met Eddie… LOL Here are all the pics… Read More »

Ebony Elektra And Cadillac Kimberly At Origin Nil Films Movie Screening

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(9/24/2010) Last night, I had the chance to go to a movie viewing party hosted by Eboni Elektra from the 3 Brown Girls and Origin Nil Films. The show presented 3 short films that won at the Atlanta Film Festival, and Eboni Elektra actually stars in one. For those who need to be brought up to speed,  Three Brown Girls, LLC is comprised of Kim Porter (Diddy’s woman), Nicole Johnson (America’s Next Top Model official style team), and Eboni Elektra (infamous radio and television personality). Ebony Elecktra rocked the show as the host, and also let FreddyO know she is working on some big things, so be on the look out for her and the 3 Brown Girls. While there, comedian Cadillac Kimberly was there giving all the dirt on Bishop Eddie Long and says, ” if you don’t like it, you could kiss her ass.” Here is her latest you tube video that she put up, and I am telling you, this woman was clearly off the chain. Amazingly, she made some good point  once you filter out the delivery. Y’all check it out and let us know what you think!

Here are all the pics.. Read More »

Jennifer Lopez Rejects Ex Boyfriend As Idol Contestant

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(9/24/2010) Jennifer Lopez has banned ex-boyfriend Ojani Noa from auditioning for “American Idol.” Talk about showing your power immediately as you get on the scene. Apparently, he was going to try to sing in front of Lopez and the other judges at the L.A. auditions Wednesday (Sept. 22). Except Noa is 38 years old and nobody Read More »

Justin Bieber’s Prime-Time Acting Debut On CSI

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(9/24/2010) Justin Bieber is one of the hottest young stars in the world, and he has been nabbed for prime time television. In this debut, he is faced with a terrible decision regarding his brother. It is said that his character may very well return later that season.

So, for those who checked out Bieber on CSI, playing a two-faced teen who’s fallen in with of those trouble-making crowds, tell us if you think the kid was convincing.

So, check out Bieber on CSI, playing a two-faced teen who’s fallen in with of those trouble-making, the Man’s-out-to-get-us crowds, and tell us if you think the kid was convincing. Read More »

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Kim Kardashian Admits To Over-reacting To Botox Injections

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kim quick

(9/24/2010) After being slammed by fans after a show on Keeping Up with the Kardashians displaying her recieving botox injections and freaking out, Kardashian took to her website to clear a few things up. The reality star experienced some bruising around the eye during a procedure which many believed was a bothched job, but Kim said that wasn’t the case.

Screen shot 2010-09-24 at 9.23.31 PM

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Nicole Richie To Wed Long Time Boyfriend In December

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(9/24/2010) This weekend, Nicole Richie is to marry her long time boyfriend Joel Madden, and some say its about time. The Good Charlotte singer and Mrs. Ritchie (adopted daughter of soul singer Lionel Richie and his then-wife Brenda Harvey) already have two children together; the 2 year old Harlo and son, 1 year old Sparrow.  Richie is perhaps best known for her role in the Fox reality television series The Simple Life, alongside fellow socialite and childhood best friend Paris Hilton. Her and were engaged in February after 4 years of dating. Rumors started to buzz after they caught Ritchie party wild at what look like to be her bachelorette party.

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Kanye West To Release Another Shoe With Nike?

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In a recent interview, TheShoeGame.com interviewed Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music artist Big Sean. TSG and Big Sean talk about several sneaker related topics, but the million dollar question was is Kanye and Nike working on the Air Yeezy II. It might be a HOT summer next year. Check out the video to see what Big Sean had to say.

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Suge Knight In Trouble Again

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(9/23/10) Another day another celebrity (well kinda) pulled over in L.A. Suge was pulled over in L.A. around 3 AM for a traffic violation but it got more serious when cops discovered Suge was driving on a suspended license. The cops put Suge in the squad car while officers searched the car, but found nothing. Read More »

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