The homie Quinnes Parker (aka Q of 112) and his son, Quinnes Jr., cover the May/June 2011 issue of Urban Lux magazine. It’s a good look to see father’s being involved in their childrens lives. Now we haven’t heard from Q musically since he sung a couple Bars of the 112 hit “Only You” at ATL Live. Below is a video of Q taking on Beyonce’s 1+1 written by the Dream. The Man’s still got it! Check Out the video below and tell me what you think! READ MORE

BETs Rocsi Arrested For Stealing In Miami?

Recently Rocsi of BETs 106 & Park fell a victim to a silly twitter joke that went terribly bad. Some random dude decided to create a fake story about Rocsi being arrested for stealing from a Wet Seal store in Florida and it spread on Twitter like fires in Arizona (and not started by undocumented immigrants, Senator McCain). Rocsi was shocked to find that she was a trending topic on Twitter and now the random dude got buyer’s remorse for trying to play this stupid joke and has been apologizing all morning. But, Rocsi ain’t having it.

She released a statement: READ MORE

Beyonce MANIA!!!!

As we gear up for the next Beyonce album, her team is going into overdrive to make sure we get out and buy the album. Beyonce who just finished her second night of her 3-night french takeover in Lille, France last night, check out the pics below! READ MORE

So just when you think the collaborations with these artists can’t get anymore interesting. The rapper Game and the infamous and always talented Chris Brown aka C Breezy join forces to make musical magic. They have developed a nice laid back vibe that talks about life. Chris’s sings the course of course reflecting on the days when life was simple and easy before the days of glamour, fame, and caos now that he and many others like him are in their search of they’re pot of gold.

Personally I am feeling the tack its a real and authentic song everyone can relate to, well anyone who has ever dreamed and wanted better for themselves.

Listen to the track: READ MORE

Missy Elliott Battling Graves Disease

Missy Elliot has revealed she has been quietly battling a major autoimmune disease. In 2008, the rapper-producer was diagnosed with Graves’ disease – a disorder which affects the thyroid – and she admits the symptoms came on so fast, she almost lost her ability to do everyday things like drive and write.

“I was (driving and) trying to put my foot on the brake, but my leg was jumping,”she tells People magazine. “I couldn’t keep the brake down and almost crashed… I couldn’t write because my nervous system was so bad – I couldn’t even use a pen.”


Wow after watching this video, if definitely believe that this whole Chris Brown and Frank Ocean fiasco has gone too far. A few days ago Frank Ocean and Chris Brown got in a petty beef via twitter over Frank Ocean mistakenly took Chris Brown’s compliment to him and his work as a dis. Chris came back with hella insults and it went on from there to now some young guys harassing Frank Ocean on the street attempting to fight him.

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Will Smith Gives The Ladies Marriage Counseling 101

Recently Will Smith sat down with Essence Magazine and dished out the real deal when it came to marriage and what it takes to with stand a solid marriage. As we all know, Will and Jada Smith have been happily married for 14 years and have become america’s template for what a happy and successful marriage and family looks like, so rightfully going to either Will or Jada for advice is suiting.

If You Marry Your Best Friend, You’re Good
Every man wants to marry his homie, Will explained. A lot of women will impress them, but it’s the one they can always laugh with and be themselves with that will ultimately impress them the most. If you can be yourselves around each other, 100 percent of the time, and they can make you life like no one else can, you’ll never have a dull moment together.

According to the NyPost Columbia Records executives fear Beyoncé’s new album, “4,” could be a dud after she refused to return to the studio to re-record new tracks, sources say.

“They’re very nervous about Beyoncé’s new record,” an industry insider told us. “It doesn’t have the hit songs that her fans are used to. They asked her to make changes, but she said no.” READ MORE