Soulja Boy Under ATF Investigation


The bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms wants to get there hands on Soulja Boy to find out were a he got his cash, weed and stash of guns from.


We reported back in October that his car was pulled over by cops and he was arrested. They found him  with four other guys(my homies) in the car with the illegal materials.


Now, the bureau is lunching an investigation to find out where these guns came from.


Just so yall know, Soulja boy was not charged of anything although he is under investigation by ATF, according to Temple Georgia Police Chief Tim Shaw who confirmed this report. READ MORE

Lebron James proposes to Savannah Brinson

According to our homie CourtneyLuv, Lebron James proposed to Savannah Brinson, his high school sweetheart and kids mommy. He brought the new year in right with marriage on his mind! We can now add another real basketball wife to the team .


His announcement comes days after Michael Jordan announced his engagement Just the other day Lebron finished the game with 34 points, eight assists, and 10 boards as the Heat won over Timberwolves.


Congrats to Savannah and just send me an eVite because it is cheaper honey!

A BIG SHOUT OUT to my AKOO Clothing for their donation to my favorite charity Saving Our Daughters, to help start off their NEW YEAR!! Give them your support FAM against bullying

Well, you heard the message from the King himself. Also, I second that motion and wish everyone a safe and happy New Year from Freddy O. Please drive responsibly tonight! Drink responsibly! I don’t want to report any tragedies in the morning!!!!! Until next year.


Fantasia Barrino is going through a difficult time in her life. She gave birth to her son, Dallas Xavier, on December 13 but is quite unable to be excited about the newborn.

According to sources, she’s not living with her boyfriend Antwuan who is the father of her newly born child. She’s also a mother of a 10-year-old girl. To support these children, she needs to work. But her children needs her, too,  at the same time. That makes a great dilemma for the 27-year-old singer. READ MORE

Whitney Houston and family will appear in a new documentary titled “The Wonderful Family of Divas” where they share some insight about the Drinkard family (Whitney’s mother side of the family).

It’s needless to say that the family’s impact in Gospel music has shown artists from all genres the right path to go. The singers from the family are well known including Whitney, Cissy Houston, and Dionne Warwick.

According to sources, the documentary will feature footage that has been never seen before, performances of the family as well as exclusive interviews from some of the best artists of our time.

2012 will be a big year for Whitney she just rapped from filming her new movie with Jordin Sparks “Sparkle” (Click Here) and also recently confirmed her role in “Waiting To Exhale 2″(Click Here)

Who else is dying for the documentary to come out? Here’s video Whitney Sings with mom Cissy Houston on the Merv Griffin Show.

Spotted @ eurweb.

Kanye West has been reportedly named as the year’s Most Stylish Celebrity by Complex magazine. The 34-year-old rapper beat out Kid Cudi and Hollywood star Ryan Gosling to take the title as “Most Stylish Celebrity”. READ MORE

Rapper DMX is Really a Changed Man!

Rapper DMX who is definitely no stranger to the law was pulled over by the police last week. For the first time in WHO KNOWS WHEN DMX  had an encounter with the law that didn’t result in another mug shot, but he still gonna have to fork over a few bucks. According to TMZ the Canine Rapper wasn’t wearing a seat belt.What????

Come on now DMX you know even dogs can’t go for walks without a leash. Wear your seat belt dude!!!! It’s the law. Buckle Up! Good luck on the slap on the wrist. Must have been a cop who got an autograph for his kid that day. Thanks officer for letting Freedom Ring!!!!

Dawn Richard’s recently released a video trailer giving her fans a glimpse to her S.M.F.U. track, which stands for Save Me From U. Just in case you didn’t know, this is her first video from her upcoming solo album titled “GoldenHeart.” She became popular for her vocals in Danity Kane and Diddy’s -Dirty Money — now she’s doing her own thing.

The video will be released on January 5th on BET’s “106 & Park.”  The video was directed by Ev Salomon. Are you excited of the album or do you think its going to flop? Let us know!!! Here’s the video: READ MORE