Rumors had it that Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Rihanna was secretly meeting with him and the two are going for a reconciliation. But Chris recently killed the rumors through his representative to MTV. Didn’t Chris say he wasn’t doing interviews this year… LOL

According to sources, Chris’ representative told ABC News that the two are still just friends while Chris is in a relationship with Karrueche. READ MORE

Watch : NeNe Leakes’ First Appearance on Glee

Real Housewives of Atlanta” “I’m Rick B*tch,” NeNe Leakes made her debut on “Glee” last night, and the show did not “water” down her NeNe-ness one bit. Check out her scene in this week’s Glee where she plays the role of Roz Washington, a swim coach. READ MORE

20 year old Ryan Brunn was found unresponsive in his jail cell about 4:15pm on yesterday 1/19/2012 at the Jackson County Prison. An apparent suicide.

On the 17th of January Ryan was sentenced to life without parole in a Georgia courthouse after describing how he lured 7yr old victim into an apartment complex and raped her.


He said he was afraid she was going to tell her parents so he cut her.


When she didn’t die instantly he beat her and then stabbed her and threw her body into a dumpster where she was found the next day.


SMH! “On Thurs Dec 8, 2011 murder suspect Ryan Brunn (right) on above photo sits with attorney in a Cherokee county at his first court appearance.” READ MORE

It  look like B.O.B. is settling in the music industry. How can I say this? Well, by seeing that he recently released his mixtape Epic and now the new visual titled How ‘Bout Dat.

As you will see in the recent release below, B.O.B. has teamed up with Future and Trae Tha Truth for the new music video. Without further ado, let’s enjoy what B.O.B. has come up with.

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Khloe Kardashian always wanted to be a mother, but with her bad luck, she’s never made it.  Now, she’s denying to seek treatment to help with pregnancy.  She said that she isn’t considering any type of fertility treatments.  For now, it’s in God’s hands. READ MORE

The CDC recently released the names of the top 15 cities across the United States that have the highest herpes rate. The center said that the top 5 cities from the list had 40% infection rate which was the result of sexually active young people in those cities.

Here’s a list of all 15 cities with highest herpes rate that was released by the Center for Disease Control: READ MORE

While most people prefer loose tracksuit pants and T-shirts for gym  exercise, Rihanna appears to have different choices.  She recently shared a couple of pictures of herself in the gym in Hawaii where she’s on vacation.

The pictures show that she was only wearing a tiny white bikini posing on a cross trainer.  She wore triangle two-piece with a pair of huge sunglasses, something you’d expect on the beaches.  She tweeted this picture of herself saying “Ha ha, come tap this @Khloekardashian!!!

She also tweeted a couple of other shots that show her messing around with her friends in the hot bikini. When fans asked on twitter how she managed to look that hot, she tweeted, “Angles/Lighting/Photoshop 🙂 “

Check out all the photos she tweeted in the gallery below: READ MORE

Bryan Michael Cox talks about a New Love in the New Year!

Don’t get nervous ladies.  He’s talking about the release of “The Love Exposed EP” and his debut song “Angel” featuring State of Emergency. This is definitely going to be his love with the Big Bucks Roll In off  “This SMASH”! The Iconic Super Producer has decided to give yall a taste of part of his triple threat talent of also being a lyrical song bird. A lot of producers have crossed this line only to loose a portion of their fan base. But I’m sure B.Cox will NOT be falling in this category. The reviews and comments are pretty good. Congrats B. Cox. I’m sure there are going to be a lot of baby making going on this February 14th. We will find out this when they tally up how many girls are named Angel in December of 2012.

This is one of those standing on top of the roof of a high rise hair blowing in the wind songs. If only I had hair. Can’t wait to see the video.