Beyonce sold out her first concert for the 4 Intimate Nights series that she is doing in NYC. I’m sure you’ve got to be wondering what it takes to put on a show that is that high in demand. Well now behind the scenes footage has emerged from one of her concerts that is taking place in the Roseland Ballroom. The video also tells a slight history about the history of the Roseland Ballroom mentioning that other big names stars such as Fred Astaire and Madonna have went through the same venue. READ MORE

Rapper Big Sean is over in the U. K. busy performing shows but he did find the time to do an interview with Tim Westwood. This interview is juicy to say the least. Big Sean gave out details of how he’s signing women’s chest overseas and even how his mother caught him in the act on his first time. Sean was also sure to make it known that he’s got a ride or die chick by his side that he’s been with since he was 19 (he’s 23 now). He told Tim Westwood how she allowed him to sleep on her couch before they were even together, looked out for him, supported him at all of his shows when the crowd only consisted of her and her friends. READ MORE

In a recent interview with the Star Tribune Ms. Jackson opened up about a series of things. However, she was sure to comment on the recent nip slips that have occured. Jon Bream of the Star Tribune asked her:

Q: Now that Nicki Minaj and others have had wardrobe malfunctions on TV, how do you feel about what happened to you because of your wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl?

A: Well, I am sorry that it has happened to others. It is not a great feeling and I sympathize with them. I find it interesting in my case that I am the only person who it seems to still come up for.


Stacey Dash made one of her first appearances since rumors of her being fired from the show Single Ladies. What brought her out of hibernation? London singer Adele. Stacey Dash carried herself on the glow of her skin and the brightness of her teeth to Adele’s concert that was held at the Palladium out in Hollywood. Before heading into the concert, Stacey took pictures with Perez Hilton and other friends. READ MORE

Comedian Jamie Foxx recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show and had a lot to talk about. In case you didn’t know, he’s the executive producer of Affion Crockett’s new comedy show. While on the show he spoke with Jimmy about a number of things ranging from his visit to South Africa this summer all the way to his fear of working with Tom Cruise. Of course, Jamie did it in the only way he knows how — pure hilarity! READ MORE

New Music: Pleasure P “Who I Gotta Be”

Pleasure P has released his newest track titled Who I Gotta Be. In his newest joint he gets all on the case of a gold diggin girl. In this song, he describes how she wants him to have a Benz, pop bottles in the club, etc. in order to be with him. However, he makes a point that all of those things don’t make true love. He just wants to stand out from the rest of the guys that this gold digger has been with. All in all, I have to agree with Mr. Cooper on this matter. Check the song out for yourself.

What do you think of the new song? Anybody agree with his overall message?

Rumors have been flying around that the lovely Toni Braxton may be joining the cast of the hit musical Chicago. Chicago will become the longest running musical in Broadway history at the end of the month. Let’s hope she gets it. She’s also starred in Beauty and the Beast and Aida.

Toni is also still considering the semi-nude photo shoot for playboy. I say what the hell, go for it, you’ve been on the cover of everything – from Vibe to Upscale.

In another Toni news, her bankruptcy was approved and she’ll be able to keep her Grammy Awards, Tiffany Jewelry and the ’95 Porsche.

Brain-eating Bug Kills 3rd Person

There’s a new danger to hit the beach and it’s not sharks or jellyfish…but amoebas! Amoebas are an extremely common organism that live in fresh water. The specific name is “Naegleria fowleri” and they enter your brain through your nose. It was announced today that a third person has died from the amoeba, which eats the brain of its victims and eventually causes meningitis. The amoeba is found in stagnant water and takes about two weeks to kill its victim. Even when diagnosed early, the amoeba can’t be stopped. Two children and a teenager have been infected so far, and 32 people were infected between 2001 and 2010. READ MORE