New York On Why She Is Still Single {Video}

Tiffany Pollard better known as New York is still single! That’s not surprising, after watching her fiascos over the tube for a couple of years, I can imagine she would be unbearable to be with in person. However, in an interview with Vlad TV she explained how she is celibate and would consider doing another Season of “I Love New York” (Only if the $ is talking). I would have to sit this round out I’m all out of my patience with her and her “Love” conquests.

New York goes on to say:


Real R&B music is back and taking the world full throttle. I’m glad to see the Veterans in the game such as the heartthrob Tank do a musical collaboration with todays generation of R&B music. Recently tank released the remix to his hit “Celebration” song originally featuring one of the hottest new hip hop artist in the game Drake. Tank flip the cards and added sensual elements to the song to keep the fans intrigued.

Check out the song, if you thought the original was hot you won’t believe the musical genius you’re bout to experience! READ MORE

Stripper Fired For Not Giving Up Her Pus*y Cat

Erica Tucker also known as Ferrari was not willing to break her morales a former Detroit stripper of the Penthouse Club is suing club owners for being fired for not sleeping with clients.

Detroit is known for its strip clubs and a lot of men flock to them nightly…women too. The culture has been accepted and a nationwide reputation earned from it, but the problem some are having is that the women don’t want to do more than strip. The women are asked to prostitute themselves and feel pressured to do so in order to keep their jobs. But one stripper that was relieved of her duties is not taking it laying down, so to speak.

According to Fox News, Erica Tucker, 23, a former dancer called Ferrari at the Penthouse Club on the widely known 8 Mile Road in Detroit, was allegedly asked by her supervisors to prostitute herself. But when she refused to sell her body, they fired her, according to her impending lawsuit against the club. She said she saw other women perform oral sex and take cocaine in the bathroom.

The club’s owners are planning to fight back. Check out the video…

Beyonce has just released the 2nd teaser of her video “Run The World (Girls)” off the highly anticipated 4th upcoming solo album. After watching this teaser, I instantly got souped up for the actual world premiere which no one knows at this point.Bey is keeping everything under wraps with this album causing her fan base to go into a frenzy for more of BEY. Beyonce looked fine she always does so ya boy FreddyO is a happy man!

Check it out and tell me what ya’ll think!

What a way to top of ATL Live Park Tavern first annual show. ATL Live on Park Tavern started a year ago by music industry veteran Shanti Das and Marlon Nichols who were both on a quest to bring classic R&B music back to Atlanta, an element we were definitely missing in this day and age. So every second Tuesday of the month Shanti put together showcases that gave new artists that were signed to record labels a platform to display their musical craft. At the end of the showcase there would always be a headliner that paved the way to the artist of our future.

On tonights roster were emerging JIVE Records acts Jawan Harris and Big Heed & Alien, Fonzworth Bentley and R&B veteran group NEXT. Needless to say the line up was amazing, bringing the crowd an variety array musical selection. I have to say I was definitely impressed with Fonzworth’s performance, he is definitely an entertainer and strives to give his audiences quality performances.

But you know I have to be bias because finally the homies from “NEXT” definitely went hard. Don’ t get it twisted they maybe veterans in the game but nothing about them speaks Vet. From the dance routines, constant high powered energy, quality vocal arrangements, and physical appearance (NoHomo) but the brothers are doing their thing making me wanna get my lazy self in the gym so I can get some of their groupies. Great performance my dudes and we will definitely be on the lookout for the upcoming album from NEXT once it’s complete.

Here are all the pic’s READ MORE

Lauryn Hill Pregnant Again!?!?!

Lauryn Hill has is back…… or so we thought. After years of flying under the radar Ms. Hill is  back in the spotlight and showing the world what real music is. Just recently she killed a performance at the Coachella festival. We may have to put that excitement on hold, at least for 9 months plus 6 weeks of maternity leave. LOL  If the rumors are true Lauryn is knocked up AGAIN with her sixth child.

Speculation began last month in Los Angeles when she hinted that she could be pregnant, joking calling herself the “most fertile mother in America,” before singing her hit record dedication to her first son, “Zion.” Just this past weekend at a performance at the Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans, Lauryn rocked a baggy dress making folks question if the jokes and rumors are true.  She also told the crowd she’s holding onto a “big secret.”


Although only 5 months into the OWN launch, Oprah Winfrey says she would have done it differently if she had it to do all over again. Recently we reported that Christina Norman was dismissed as CEO of the network.

When asked by Entertainment Weekly if she regrets kicking off her network while still airing her talk show (which ends this month after 25 years), Winfrey says, “I’ve thought maybe it would have been better to wait until this completely ended and then literally use [Oprah] as a launch pad.


Diddy Cancels Phoenix Concert

Diddy cancels Pheonix concert due to doctors orders. According to TMZ, Diddy’s rep tells us … “Sean has a high fever and is under doctor’s orders to stay in bed.”

Tonight Diddy took to Twitter to give the bad news to his Pheonix fans…. saying, “i guess i pushed it too far because i literally cant get outta bed.” “im sorry phoenix-i regretfully have to cancel the show. im so sorry.”

I guess that was the last train to Pheonix. LOL Hope you get to feeling better.