Kanye West Is Going Back To College?


There has been alot of speculation going on about the once proclaimed “College Dropout” returning back to college to persue a degree in fashion. Ya boi FreddyO is here to set the record straight. All the speculating rumors of  Kanye West potentially becoming a perspective student at London’s prestigious Central St. Martins College are all FALSE! Kanye was there over the past weekend but he was on present for other business matters NOT enrollment.

I knew these accusations were bogus, Kanye West doesn’t need teaching on how to successfully do him. His style since “College Dropout” debut, has been one of the #1 trendy fashions.


Check out pics from the Disney MARS NEEDS MOMS screenings in NYC (3/5) and ATL (3/6) this weekend. Movie-goers in New York and Atlanta spent a little time on Mars this weekend, as Disney hosted a series of private screenings of the upcoming film MARS NEEDS MOMS for VIP audiences, including “Real Housewife” Kandi, actress Terri J. Vaughn, Tameka Raymond, DJ Enuff, Roscoe Dash, hairstylist Tippi Shorter, Sharlinda Parker (wife of 112’s Q Parker) and more.

On Saturday, NYC guests packed the AMC Empire 25 and were treated to an after-party of food, games and Martians galore at space-themed restaurant Mars 2112. The following day in Atlanta, nearly 200 parents and kids watched the film at Regal Atlantic Station and enjoyed an out-of-this-world celebration at trendy sweetshop Kilwin’s, complete with face-painting, balloons, candied Rice Krispie treats and an OMG Booth. And as for the movie itself, moms and kids alike gave it a unanimous two thumbs up!

MARS NEEDS MOMS opens in theaters this Friday, March 11.

Photos by: James Pray

Last night the season finale of the long whind drama filled season aired. That’s not all that transpired! Just when you think the ladies were just gonna have a good laugh and reminisce on the highlights of their crazy season. NO, the girls had more frustration to issue out but this time with a few fists.

The ladies were at private dinner celebrating Jennifer Williams’ birthday when Tami began expressing her feelings towards each of the ladies. Tami then begins to tear up when expressing gratitude for finally feeling apart of sisterhood, after feeling so alone in life. High off of all that emotion, she takes a smoke break and leaves the the rest of the women at the table.

When she leaves, Evelyn confessed she slept with Kenny Anderson back in 1999,while he was still married to Tami. Mediator Shaunie convinces Evelyn into telling Tami, BOY WAS THAT A BAD IDEA! Evelyn goen on to dish out that she in fact dated Kenny Anderson the for about six months, claiming they only had sex twice. Evelyn goes on to say she didn’t know that he was married, or that Tami even existed, but after seeing Tami’s tears, Evelyn felt bad and attempted to reassure her of her innocence. Of course Tami gets upset, Evelyn gets defensive, and then says these dangerous words: “You are a non-m*tha f**kin factor, b*tch!”

Tami went OFF, And LEAPED for her ASS!

Watch the Video Clip Below:

Tami later expressed her feelings about the whole situation via twitter:

I was really coming from the heart w/that 1-I admit, I felt stupid when I found out the other stuff

Everybody knew that sh*t but me-

My thing is-I don’t care that @EvelynLozada slept w/Kenny-WHO DIDN’T. I was more concerned about the friendship I thought we were developing

I can’t wait for Season 3!!!

Allen Iverson’s Home In Foreclosure

Allen Iverson

Former Nuggets star Allen Iverson’s Cherry Hills mega-mansion is under contract and expected to close on April 8, but not before Iverson quit paying the mortgage.

Iverson, who bought the 6,848-square-foot six-bedroom, nine-bathroom spread for $3.875 million in January 2008, let the property in the Buell Mansion subdivision slip into foreclosure on an outstanding balance of $2,572,914 owed to Wells Fargo Bank, according to a Notice of Election and Demand for Sale filed Feb. 28 in Arapahoe County. READ MORE


Chris Brown has now decided to open up about the loneliness he felt in the aftermath of his fight with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, as friends and industry colleagues gave him the stiffer. Its funny that he is speaking about this now and I kinda almost feel like this is some B.S. cause attitude is everything (his is really really really bad) and I know although a lot of peps stopped liking him, people were still their for him.  Here’s what he had to say:

“A handful of people stuck by me,” he tells the New York Post’s Page Six. “But when people see certain things happen to somebody, they usually turn away. READ MORE


One of my friends emailed me this picture that has been causing drama all over the internet. All I could say was, “wow this has to be one of the craziest posting I have ever seen, and so so sad”…

Two South American teenage thugs(thats what they call Gay people in Africa) were executed for being homosexual. Before killing them they were allowed one last kiss before being shot in the back of the head. You can see the picture below… Not Say For Work (Click Here)

Please send this too others and tell them this is why we need to stop hate. Please tell me what you think? READ MORE

Queen Latifah will be putting a woman’s touch on the world of sports talk later this year. According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” Latifah has reached a deal with AOL to produce and star in a web series about sports, entertainment and entrepreneurialism. The project will be overseen by “Huffington Post” co-founder Arianna Huffington. Along with her web series, Latifah will also be putting together a sports-themed talk show for women. While the “Just Wright” star won’t host the show, she does plan on being a regular visitor. She remarks, quote,

“I’m kind of the Barbara Walters. I’ll definitely float in and out.”


Suge Knight and Kanye West have put their lawsuit to rest. The two have reached a confidential settlement agreement to cover the court cost. Suge Knight filed an appeal after a judge ruled in West’s favor concluding there was no evidence that showed the shooting, at West’s party in 2005, was predictable. READ MORE