MSL Workers Shot By Angry Co-Worker

Just today an angry worker of the MS&L public relations group inside of the Proscenium office building shot 3 of his co-workers. Two of the victims survived with gun shot wounds to their ankle and another with gun shot wounds to their back. This incident took place at about 12:30 today near the intersection of 14th Street and Crescent Avenue in Midtown. This is all types of crazy if you ask me. Cops are now on the search for a black Toyota Prius with a Georgia license plate BUC 2324. My fellow Atlantan’s please be careful out here! I wonder what made the man so upset that he felt the need to shoot his co-workers. I’ll try to post more details about this story as they come out. Do you know any additional details about this story?

Spotted @CBS

D’Angelo Back In The Studio Recording

We haven’t heard from R&B singer D’Angelo in a while but we will soon.  While the singer has endured a  lot of hardship over the past few years that include a serious car wreck and arrests for drug possession, it seems he’s back in the game. D’Angelo and Questlove (drummer for the Roots) had a studio session in New York just last night according to tweets from Questlove. READ MORE

While there are tons of bloggers out here on the net, I wanted to take this time out of the day to recognize two bloggers who I respect: Angel Laws of Concrete Loop and Fred Mwangaguhunga of Mediatakeout.  Both of them are on opposite ends of the blogosphere but there are unique things about them that make them standout.


First off, I want to congratulate Angel on her new book! I went in Barnes & Nobles and spotted her book. I copped 5 copies; one for myself and the other four for close friends of mine who are aspiring bloggers. I love that Angel put out a book to share her journey of blogging and how others can do it too. I’m glad that she recognizes that there’s enough room for all us here on the net. Her book is just a reflection of the positive energy that she puts out into the world. If you haven’t already got your copy of “Angel’s Law Of Blogging” be sure to do so. Congratulations again Angel!

Secondly, I wanted to give my homie and mentor Fred Mwangaguhunga a shout out. He had triplets and working on some big things. Just so yall know Fred is the guy behind the worlds biggest African American blog His website gets millions of unique views everyday. His website is mainly known for his extreme and bizarre stories about celebrities and other random outlandish ish. Last month he sat down to give Shamika Sanders of the Urban Daily an interview (WHICH IS SUPER RARE!). Check out the video interview here: READ MORE

Mother Monster Lady Gaga was recently egged this past Wednesday. Sounds insane with all of the fans that she’s known for having. Apparently people didn’t like Lady Gaga rolling around the stage in a wheelchair. Gaga used the wheelchair because she had used it previously in her music video for her hit song “Paparazzi” as well as her performance on the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Her Australian fan base was not going for it though and proceeded to throw eggs at her on stage. Luckily, she didn’t get hit with any eggs but her entourage did. Go figure.

This wheelchair issue has really ruffled some feathers too.  The founder of the quadriplegic advocacy group Life Rolls On, Jesse Billauer, has issued a statement saying “I invite [Gaga] to learn more about the 5.6 million Americans who live with paralysis. They, like me, unfortunately, don’t use a wheelchair for shock value”. Looks to me like she’s pissed off a few people with this stunt. While she’s expressed her love and stands up for the LGBT community it seems as if she’s got no heart for the disabled.

In addition to this, Lady Gaga also got herself into some additional trouble. Her YouTube account was suspended just recently when she posted footage of her appearance on a Japanese television show. Media Interactive ordered that she remove the footage and it was then that YouTube allowed Lady Gaga to use her official page again. Looks like it doesn’t matter if you’re Lady Gaga or the average Joe….rules are rules!

Do you think it was cool for her to roll around in a wheel chair? Do you think fans went over board by egging her?

Wale has just released his song “Bad Girls Club” which features his Roc Nation partner J. Cole. Wale caused a lot of stir for this song on Twitter but only dropped snippets. A video is already in the works for this song with former Bad Girls Club star Natalie Nunn to play the lead. This song will be on his first album to drop from Maybach Music Group. It’s comes as exciting news being that Wale hasn’t dropped an album in a year and half since his Interscope album “Attention Deficit”. Check the song here:

Wale – “Bad Girls Club” feat. J. Cole by RalphFolarin

So what’s the verdict yall? Hot or not? You ready for the rest of the album to drop?

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No matter how much negative press and/or lies, Chris Brown seems to stay in or around, Team Breezy proved to be devout fans. Today Chris Brown performed for the Today’s summer concert series. Projections for the audience are numbered to be between 18,000 – 20,000 people! The NYPD even had to shut off 48th and 49th streets. All of this mania has lead to Chris’s concert being that biggest concert for the show in all of it’s history. READ MORE

Earlier this week we learned about theft accusations fired from Live Nation against Matthew Knowles stating that he had stolen money from his daughter Beyonce. Well now Matthew Knowles is standing up and speaking out. Due to all of theft allegations that have come out, Matthew had confirmed that he and Beyonce are not speaking.  Matthew is sticking to his guns saying that he DID NOT steal any of Beyonce’s money and released this statement to the Associated Press:

“We absolutely have not taken any money from Beyonce, and all dollars will be accounted for. In no way have we stole money. Again, this is about the people who have made these claims — they have to come into the light.”

He has even went so far as to file papers in Texas that state that some of Bey’s people (like Columbia Records, Live Nation, and Roc Nation) have made negative comments about him. Matthew is avid that Live Nation just wants to take over Beyonce’s career. Therefore, to get him out of the door, he’s convinced that’s why they had Beyonce hire a law firm to audit her finances. This story is getting crazier and crazier. It’s sad that money is driving a wedge between Beyonce and her father. Guess it just goes to show you that money is truly the root of all evil. What are your thoughts on Matthew and Beyonce not speaking? Do you think he stole the money if he’s filing papers against Beyonce’s camp?

Word Up: Da Brat Tat Tat

Recently released from jail after doing a 2 1/2 years stint for aggravated assault at an ATL nightclub, Da Brat has hit the ground running. In a recent interview with CNN, Da Brat discussed her autobiography, how the entertainment industry has changed and the possibility of landing a reality show. When discussing the reality show, she says, “I’m working on getting one now. The sad thing about it is most of these networks want the fighting, they want the drunkenness, they want the confrontational and that’s not me anymore. I’ve outgrown that and I don’t want that to be the main focus. Been there, done that and been through hell because of that. I want to show people who I am, introduce them to my family, where I’ve come from, how I’m helping people with my charity work. I know it sounds boring, but that comes with a lot… of bumps in the road. So I’m currently shopping for a deal now.” She has also released a mixtape, “Life After Death,” which can be downloaded from

Looks like Da Brat is trying to get her grown woman on, think she can pull it off?