Big Sean Illegally Downloaded J.Cole’s Album?

Detroit rapper, Big Sean  admits to illegally downloading J. Cole’s album Cole World. Unfortunately,  J. Cole’s album was leaked on the internet before it hit stores. However, he did clarify that he did buy the album once it hit stores.   In an interview with Rap-Up tv, Big Sean gives his opinion on J. Cole’s album. READ MORE

Another new artist is ready to hit the soundwaves. Legendary rapper, Ice T was seen around NYC shooting a new video for his new artist named Knight. Ice T’s newest artist Knight has a passion for rap and it makes sense with roots that start in Brooklyn, New York. Upon his first time meeting Knight, Ice T had this to say:

“When I met Knight he was a really good kid, positive and not trying to be no one other than himself. He told me he was a rapper and I told him to let me hear some of his music. I listened to it, I heard it and I liked it and I said let’s do it”.

I’m assuming that Knight had to be pretty hot if Ice T was ready to put him on that fast. READ MORE

Only 3 States Teach Civil Rights History?

When most people think of Civil Rights the only people that come to mind are Rosa Parks , Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King. Could this be because our school systems are “dumbing down” our education? Don’t African Americans have the right to be taught our history? READ MORE

Radio Station tells Tyrese to GET OUT!!!

So apparently having the “freedom of speech” as an amendment still doesn’t mean you can’t get kicked out of an radio station for speaking your mind. If you don’t understand what we’re trying to say well just ask Tyrese Gibson. Recently during a promo run, his thoughts got him kicked out! READ MORE

Karrine Stefans AKA Superhead Gets Married?


It is being reported that Karrine Stefans could possibly be eloping with some unidentified gentleman this weekend. She is currently still married to Darius McCrary aka Eddie Winslow from Family Matters, so there may not be any truth to this. She was seen commenting about the upcoming nuptials on her Facebook page along with mentioning the fact that she wants more children because she is getting older. READ MORE

Frankie Debuts “The Frankie Leg”…

Keyshia Cole’s mother Frankie Lons may be adding artist to her resume. Frankie will be releasing a dance track “The Frankie Leg” very soon. Frankie was hard at work filming the video right before she left to go to her daughter, Keyshia Cole’s wedding out in Hawaii. Frankie sets some standards with her new dance too. READ MORE

Is Bow Wow A Good Father?


Rapper Bow Wow, who is currently working on his upcoming Young Money debut album UnderRated has been forced to grow up rather quickly.When the first rumors hit the net about Bow Wow having a daughter, he tried his best to avoid all of these rumors because he was afraid of what his fans would think. However, his most recent letter on his blog shows that he feels otherwise now. READ MORE

J. Cole Displays Multiple Personalities In The Source

J. Cole let the world knew that he had multiple personalities with his recent photoshoot for popular mag The Source. The rapper showed fans a variety of sides that make up his personality while promoting his album that dropped yesterday, Cole World: The Sideline Story. READ MORE