Cali Swag District’s “M-Bone” Shot Dead

One of the members of hit rap group Cali Swag District died last night, according to group member, C-Smoove. While details have not been revealed yet, C-Smoove took to his Twitter account where he posted a message eulogizing Cali Swag District’s M-Bone.

“Ma life changed drastically in the. Blink of an eye rip bone,”


Nicki Minaj Fires Diddy As Her Manager

Diddy and Nicki Minaj have ended their business relationship about a year after it began. This is no surprise to me, Diddy is too damn busy to manage a mega star such as Nicki let alone trine get his “Last Train To Paris” album popping.

According to XXL, Minaj fired Diddy and is now signed with Gee Roberson and Kyambo “Hip Hop” Joshua over at Hip-Hop Since 1978. They also represent her Young Money label mates Drake and Lil Wayne. READ MORE

Recently, I had the opportunity to chill with, in my opinion, “The Secret Ingredient” that’s missing in Hip Hop today. Rap artist, B $tacks, was parlaying at pioneer strip club Magic City in Atlanta over the weekend.  He and his entourage had a great time as they continuously made it rain for the ladies in anticipation of his scheduled performance. I’m not just boosting you up because I know the lil homie, but he is honestly one of the hottest artists I have heard in a long time. Besides his lyrical skills and his ability to write bangers in little to know time, his recent performance at Magic City showed me what a superstar is made of.  I kept hearing about the lil homie on mixtapes and seeing him pop up on various sites (worldstarhip,, and in Hip Hop Weekly Magazine) I knew that there definitely was a star in the making who was about to set the streets on fire.  As soon as Magic City’s DJ X-Rated played B Stacks “No Comprende” the crowd went into a frenzy. Check out B Stacks bio and his behind the scenes of his recent video shoot of “No Comprende” which was produced by platinum producer Sonny Digital who was also responsible for YC’s Racks on Racks.

Humble beings have always been within B ~ $tacks, who is without a doubt a “Product of the South”. Born Sandy Ledbetter in 1990, on the South side of Durham, North Carolina, this 20 year old multi-talented MC, songwriter, and producer has learned all about hard work at a very early age and due to his hard work he is currently an artist under Faculty Entertainment, as well as president of Faculty Entertainment. The goals of this MC, in becoming a pioneer within the music industry, is rapidly becoming of reach due to his drive and management team.

With the mindset of this teen talent there is nothing that can stand in the way of achieving success. Southern style MC, B~ Stack$, has been associated with Blood Raw (C.T.E/U.S.D.A), DJ Folk, and The Cartel, what separates this MC is his youthfulness, talent, and humbleness. From production to the fans this southern native gives 100% in whatever he does. Dedication and hard work is what the rap game needs. This MC has all the ingredients to being successful in this industry.

Get ready for the summer because whether you like it or not, the world is about to get to know B~$tacks for the hardworking, determined, talented artist he is who possesses an aura that magnetizes you to him. Shouts out to the big homie Dennis Byron who is Executive Vice President of Artist Development, Marketing and Promotions for YBE/Faculty Entertainment who introduced me to B Stacks. Follow B Stacks on twitter @thisisbstacks or to book him contact Dennis Byron at 404-396-5838.

Lady Gaga has tearfully confessed that she thinks “people are trying to destroy her”. The 25-year-old singer broke down in a documentary extract posted online and spoke of how much she fears criticism, admitting she feels like a “loser kid in high school.” In the black and white YouTube clip, posted before she went on stage in New York’s Madison Square Garden for her Monster Ball tour, she sobbed:

“I still sometimes feel like a loser. It’s crazy, ‘cos it’s like we’re at the Garden, but I still feel like a loser kid in high school.
“Sometimes I still feel like people are trying to destroy me… I cannot be destroyed and I will not be destroyed. And you will never destroy the kingdom that is my fans.”


Chad Ochocinco’s goal was to ride a bull, and the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver delivered on that promise Saturday night.
Ochocinco stayed on Deja Blu 1.5 seconds during the Professional Bull Riders circuit in Duluth, Ga., the latest publicity stunt by the six-time Pro Bowler. Ochocinco was awarded $10,000 for making it out of the chute atop the bull, but fell well short of the mandatory 8-second ride that would have netted him a new pickup truck and allowed him to rename the bull.

Ochocinco said he has no plans on ever riding a bull again, even admitting that the NFL and the Bengals will likely be upset that he risked an injury for the stunt at the Lucas Oil Invitational. PBR president Sean Gleason said Ochocinco’s ride would help raise some much-needed publicity for the tour. READ MORE

CiCi And New Boo Amare Hang Out Over The Weekend

My homegirl was found chilling on the lovely beaches of the MIA over the weekend with her new found boo Amare. The couple seemed to be enjoying each other as they parlayed on the beach, rode jet ski’s, and rode scooters on the Miami strip.

It’s nice to see CiCi having relations, in my opinion I believe they fit together. I know there has been drama circulating her new love interest but let’s please lay those rumors to rest and give the two a real shot at some happiness aight!

When the homie notifies me of what’s new with her and Amare ill make sure to update you guys on them, in the meantime make sure you all are on the site daily for the latest on the O’Scoop! READ MORE

Twin Tamera Mowry gets Married Over The Weekend

Tamera Mowry star of Sister Sister got married earlier today to longtime boyfriend Adam Housley in Napa Valley. The wedding attended by 300 hundred guests was the wedding of her dreams. “I’ve always wanted an outdoor wedding with lots of flowers,” Mowry tells PEOPLE Magazine of the day planned by event planner Mindy Weiss. “I feel so lucky to have this beautiful day marrying my best friend.” She went on to say “I feel so blessed to be marrying such an amazing man.” READ MORE

Last week Laker Pau Gasol and his fiancée Gloria split. There have been multiple rumors that have come out addressing reasons as to why. The latest FALSE story to break is that the homie Shannon Brown is the reason for the break up. Shannon who is married to  singer Monica took to twitter to set the record straight.

He tweeted:

“Ok let me put a end to this right now before it goes any further. I DID NOT SLEEP WITH @paugasol woman!!! First and last time addressing it!”

Now I’m glad he did that because with the day and age we live in now you have to come right out and let people know. Pau also dispelled the rumors! I tried to get a quote from Pau but all of his tweet’s are in Spanish! So respect the fam and stop sending them nonsense.