Young Money’s Corey Gunz Arrested With Loaded Gun

 Young Money rapper Corey Gunz is facing weapons charges in New York. Corey’s father, veteran rapper Peter Gunz, tells MTV News that his son was arrested on Saturday afternoon in the Bronx. Peter says the details are still “sketchy,” but explains that police found a “loaded gun in his knapsack.” Peter says it was “definitely an illegal search,” adding that he was heartbroken when he saw Corey sitting in a jail cell with handcuffs on. While this is Corey’s first run-in with the law, Peter says he’s worried because his son is likely facing “mandatory jail time.”

Corey Gunz signed with Lil Wayne’s Young Money in 2010. He was featured on Wayne’s hit single “6 Foot 7 Foot,” and has dropped numerous mixtapes. Here’s Cory Gunz – Militia Gang (Official Video) latesthoodvids

Justin BieberJustin Bieber and Paris Jackson make a GOOD LOOKING COUPLE! Paris admitted her and her siblings were all “Big Justin Bieber fans, At Least I AM, she added. (Hint Hint Justin! I hope he got the digits. Ok Ok back to the story. Michael Jackson’s children were honored to celebrate their father with a ceremony at Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Thursday, because the late King of Pop always wanted to “have his name” displayed outside the venue.

Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and nine-year-old Blanket placed one of the King of Pop’s sequined gloves and a pair of his shoes into wet cement in front of the Los Angeles landmark.

They were joined at the revered venue by Smokey Robinson, Justin Bieber and Thriller producer Quincy Jones, and Prince reveals it was his dad’s dream to make his mark. Paris said in her speech “It means a lot that we’re putting our dad’s own shoes and glove in cement. It feels good to keep his  memory of him here at the Chinese Theatre.”

A troubled serial dating Kim Kardashian broke down in tears on a season Finale of “Kim and Kourtney takes New York” admitted she feels bad about her failed marriage, wasting everybody’s time and money after reminiscing back on her $10 Million Dollar wedding. Well, I know she is in Tyler Perry’s new movie but if this is how she is practicing getting that Oscar then she may need a few more acting classes. I loved the way she tried to cry pretty so as not to smear her mascara. NOT BELIEVABLE KIM! You were right about you SUCK though. Keep your chin up! Well maybe you need to keep your chin down more. Isn’t that how you became famous in the first place? Chin down, pictures up! Roll em! You can always go back to the basics love! Take a look at these fake tears! READ MORE

This saturday at 3:30pm Friends, Family and Supporters gathered at John C. Birdine Center on Lakewood Way in southeast Atlanta for an organized walk less than 1 mile to St John’s Ave where Stacey’s dead body was found. I’m not sure if you had been keeping up with the case of Stacey English; a 36yr old woman who lived in Buckhead, GA off Lenox Rd in the Exclusive Vanderbuilt Condo Bldg. Well on Dec 25th X-mas day Stacey attended a dinner at her grandmother’s with other family members. Little did Stacey’s family know this would be the last day they would see their daughter alive. On Dec 26th Stacey got into an argument with a man from St Louis who was visiting her. She asked him to leave her house and no one has seen Stacey since.

On Monday Jan 23rd it saddened me to read Atlanta police announced her decomposing body was found under a tree in a heavily wooded area near the Aaron’s Amphitheater at Lakewood. One mile from where Police found Stacey’s car Dec 27th still running. Now do you believe we are living in the last days? Her cellphone, ipad, gate remote, was all still sitting on the sofa at her house. English was identified through the use of dental records. An autopsy conducted Tuesday by the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office did not reveal a cause of death.

Jaden Smith cut his hair and now he looks just like his dad! Wow! He is such a Jr Boss! Did you know when Jaden was just 10 years old TMZ obtained a copy of his film contract which revealed he was paid in two installments for the two films, one for $900,000 and $100,000.


That’s a heck of a LOT of allowance money. Thanks to the film’s lucrative take at the box office — bringing in over $150 million Smith received a $2 million bonus.


This was in addition to the other contractual perks and royalties.

This is a proud and lucrative case of Like Father Like Son. READ MORE

When NOT Keeping it Real goes wrong. According to the Huffington Post, dozens of applicants to Vassar College were mistakenly told they had gotten into the school when they checked a website that had been set up for students applying for early decisions.76 students logged onto the site after 4 p.m. Friday and saw letters saying they had been accepted when in fact they had not been.

The school says it fixed the mistaken information by 4:30 p.m. and informed all the impacted applicants of the mistake by Friday evening. Another 46 students who logged on had been correctly told they were accepted. Students who apply early make a commitment to go to Vassar if they are accepted.

Apparently according to an inside source someone in the house called the cops (911) after a family dispute turned physical. Flavor Flave’s 19yr old daughter Lasagna I mean Dazayna got into a dispute with one of his step sons. When the clock-wearing hip-hopper and reality TV star tried to break up a fight, Dazayna wound up hitting her old man, and when the dust settled, she evidently found herself in police custody. She will appear in court tomorrow.

We are told that DFCS the “Department of Family and Children Services” YALL KNOW WHAT IT STAND FOR. Well they suggested that Halle’s Ex Gabriel Aubry go to Anger Management classes and he agreed. He really loves this little girl of his and that is apparent but him Pushing Folks and Yelling at Halle Berry all the time is just NOT working out. Looks like Halle met her match! She decided to play in the snow probably thinking she would avoid the ANGRY BLACK MAN retaliation from her own screaming and acting a fool & demanding ways with folks as she did Allegedly with past boyfriends Christopher Williams, Wesley Snipes, and former husband David Justice. Seems Halle is getting a taste of her own medicine “FROM THE SNOW”. LOL!