Kim Zolciak Really Is Pregnant


My girl Kim didn’t tell me this so yall know I am pissed. It became pretty obvious from last night’s “Watch What Happens Live” that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak is indeed pregnant.

Eurweb is reporting Although she has denied it for months, and again during Sunday’s live program when host Andy Cohen asked her point blank if she was expecting, (“Do I look fat to you, Andy?” she snapped back.), the socialite was drinking hot tea instead of her usual cocktail – explaining she was taking co-star Kandi’s advice and using the soothing beverage to preserve her voice for a performance of her new single “Google Me” later in the show. READ MORE


Days before he reported back to prison, T.I. sat down with VIBE’s Erik Parker and gave his most candid interview to date. Here is an excerpt from the explosive cover story. Heres Part of the interview: READ MORE

Keri sitting solo.tif

My girl Keri Hilson’s sophomore album No Boys Allowed will be in stores in less than 30 days and we’re counting down to her album release.Yall know she’s like fam so please go out and support her. Here are some behind the scenes shots and video with Keri as she talked about what inspired her new album and new look. No Boys Allowed hits stores December 21st. Check out the pics and video and tell me what you think? READ MORE


The whole new album from Chrisette is now available for stream courtesy of her MySpace. Grab the full track list here. ‘I Don’t Know Why, But I Do’ will serve as the third single, going to iTunes on Tuesday. Listen to her music before her album drops on November 30th. Let me know what you think about it. READ MORE


(11/22/10) Rihanna opened the show with a 7 and-a-half minute medley of hits from her new album ‘Loud‘.
Too bad she didn’t move a lot of units. The little red headed Rihanna nested on a withering tree, solemnly sung along to “Love the Way You Lie Part II” while surrounded by an eerie mist and artificial moonlight.The tree then suddenly lit up like and came to life, making way for an exciting segue into “What’s My Name”, with a thrilling reggaeton breakdown and plenty of dutty wining. The stage then transformed once again, and Rihanna: Warrior Princess was born, belting out a tribal, drum-bashing rendition of her euro-pop smash “Only Girl (In the World)”.I must say this is was one of her best performances.


According to a new book-length interview, Light of the World: The Pope, the Church, and the Signs of the Times, Pope Benedict XVI says that he believes that the use of condoms can be justified – as long as you’re a male prostitute and don’t want to spread disease!

In the six-day interview with Peter Seewald, he said: READ MORE

Cedric Miller

A pastor who said Facebook was a ‘portal to infidelity’ has admitted to having threesome sex with his wife and a male church assistant. The Rev. Cedric Miller’s secret past was exposed after he ordered church leaders to delete their Facebook accounts or resign. He blamed the social networking website for causing married couples to have illicit affairs and igniting ‘old passions’.
The 48-year-old leader of the Living Word Christian Fellowship Church in Neptune, New Jersey, confirmed the sex games he played with his wife Kim after his testimony in a court case was revealed.The liaisons often took place at his home during Thursday bible study meetings and Sundays after church. READ MORE

Ice T & CoCo Are Getting A Reality Show


Ice-T and his lovely wife CoCo might be making the leap to reality TV star, the New York Post reported Sunday. The “Law & Order: SVU” star and his wife Coco were spotted rolling up to the Covet Lounge in New York City’s Midtown in a Cadillac filled with a film crew. Club insiders said the couple shot footage inside the lounge for about 30 minutes and stuck around afterward to relax. Sources on the set said the show was for the E! television network, home to “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and other reality shows.

I have to say I know I would watch every week.. I love me some CoCo!!!! LOL Here are some crazy pics of the two READ MORE