Lauryn Hill Is Making A Comeback!!!!!!

Lauryn Hill 

 Lauryn Hill is back!!!!!  She will be on The Rock The Bells Tour   this summer. Our sources told us that she wasn’t in the initial lineup but she was added as  a very important guest. The Jersey girl will be performing the classic: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill…. READ MORE

Since Slim Thug made the statement “Black women need to stand by their man” and a host of other comments that now has his foot in his mouth, everybody is sounding off. We posted the comments from an educated black man’s point of view on on Wednesday in response to Slim Thug, now Aubrey from Dannity Kane has sounded off. According to, this young lady has a lot to say on the issue. Please, let us know what you think, because this is another hit in the jaw for Slim Thugger. Yeah, this story is FAR from over. Ladies sound off…

Please. Drop the delusions of grandeur, gents. We see right through you! This paper-thin layer of unjustifiable ‘swagger’ and pseudo-confidence is simply masquerading the vulnerability and self-doubt of the modern day man. The subtext is clear… spineless men of all creeds are waving the proverbial white flag of defeat. Unable to cope with the demands of a new class of empowered, strong-willed and fiercely independent women, they’ve resorted to projecting their insecurities on those that, god forbid, expect them to live up to their potential. READ MORE

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian was recently spotted rocking a dress that looked like stove burners, and the fashionable red bottoms. It was said that Khloe hopes to be a skinny, fit mother. Well, that get slim quick product her and her sisters are advertising sure seems to be working.

Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian is making baby plans just a week after dismissing reports she’s pregnant with basketball ace Lamar Odom’s child.


Gucci Mane has dropped a new video, and he is truly stunting with the blue diamonds, blue Air Max 95’s, and blue LAMBO. Check out this video, and let us know what you all think…

Larry King’s Wife Overdosed


Larry King’s 7th wife, Shawn tried to take her own life.The police who responded to the call found several prescription bottles, including Ambien and anti-anxiety medication, that had been filled within 10 days but were empty, according to a police report. The police report said  there was a handwritten note that indicated she had taken the pills intentionally and she wanted to be buried in Utah.Please pray for them.  A few months ago she wanted to divorce him.  I wonder what was really going on. I keep telling folks money doesn’t make you happy. -Follow Courtney L.


The Globe magazine has been outed as the tabloid that purchased photos of Gary Coleman’s last moments, and the price tag was $10,000. His ex-wife, Shannon Price, reportedly took photos of the actor as he lay in a coma in the hospital, then, shopped the pictures to various tabloid outlets.

A magazine insider tells that the photos “are so tasteless that none of the glossy magazines wanted to bid on them. This allowed Globe to get them so cheap.” READ MORE

Whitney What Happen… What The Hell You Been Eating


Whitney Houston hit Stockholm, Sweden last night as she continues her European tour. She got rave reviews from fans this time around for her performance. But she’s also getting rave rumors, thanks to her new voluptuous figure, from folks wondering if she’s pregnant. Click here to see  more pic’s READ MORE


T-Pain is being taken to court by one of the stars of MTV’s “Making The Band Two.” Sara Stokes is suing the “Bartender” singer, claiming he owes her royalties for a song they wrote together for R&B star Jennifer Hudson. READ MORE