Will.i.am’s Bentley Got Boom Boom Pow’d

TMZ reports Will.i.am’s ride got boom boom pow’d in the Hollywood Hills Monday night — according to law enforcement sources, bad guys broke into the rapper’s Bentley and jacked over $10,000 worth of stuff.TMZ reported the Black Eyed Peas star made the shocking discovery himself and called the police to file a report. According to sources, the loot included jewelry and several of the rapper’s personal items.
They reported cops are hot on the trail of the bad guys — and some of the stolen property has already been recovered. Why do people keep stuff like this in their car?- Courtney L.

jordan rock

Chris Rock’s younger brother, Jordan Rock, shown in the picture to the right, is attempting to follow in the footsteps of his older brothers and become a famous comedian. Chris Rock and Tony Rock have secured there place in comedy. Sometimes, some people just don’t have it. In the video, Jordan tries to deliver his best jokes, but…some people just don’t have it. Have you ever gone to a comedy house, and the comedian is so bad, it makes you feel funny? Yeah, I just got that feeling. Good stage presence, no material. Check out the video on the next page.– Xavier B.

Mariah Carey Likes Doggy Style


Mariah Carey ran up a $38,000 tab with a veterinarian. Dr. Cindy Bressler who claims in the suit she says she provided “extraordinary services” for three of Mariah’s Jack Russell terriers … Cha-Cha, Dolomite and JJ. Bressler claims she’s only been paid $8,000 of the 38K bill. She running bills up like that and folks don’t have basic healthcare. What do you all think?- Courtney L.

Jesus Take My Hand


What has the world come to? A friendly argument over butter in a macaroni and cheese recipe churned into violence between a brother and sister. A 21-year-old man called police June 6 to say his 17-year-old sister tried to cut his neck with the serrated edge of a spatula that were as sharp as a steak knife. READ MORE

Ron Artest Tried To Get In Chelsea Lately’s Pants


We know you all think he is nuts. Artest recently appeared on Chelsea Lately, wearing pants that had a picture of what seemed to be Chelsea’s face all over them. His excuse for wearing the pants: “ Well you know, I’ve been trying to get into your pants for a long time and I heard you were playing hard to get, so I had to put you on my pants“.  She responded “Well you heard wrong because I am easy to get.“

What do you all think about Artest?- Courtney L.


Trey Songz Fingering On Stage?


Trey Songz has established himself as the premiere figure in R&B right now. With sold out crowds around the nation, and venues pack full of women every night, Mr. Songz has to keep the stage presence alive with more and more antics. That formula seems to be working for him right now, as more video coverage appears of his concert mini sex sessions for the ladies. He somewhat reminds me of a 2010 Bobby Brown. Bobby pushed the limit back in his day, known as being one of the first R&B artist for having sexually suggestive shows. In this camera footage, he demonstates for the ladies how the song “Neighbors Know My Name” came about. If you are at work, be careful.– Xavier B.


FBI Grounded Tiger Banner Pilot


TMZ reported that they obtained the post-flight report filed with the sky banner company, in which the pilot states that while en route to fly sign #2 — which read, “Happy Father’s Day Tiger LOL” — he was contacted by a tower controller with a message from the FBI.  According to the pilot, the FBI had “strongly urged” him to “depart the area” over the golf course as soon as possible … and, of course, the pilot obliged.  The company said they have  no idea why the FBI would intervene on such a matter.  I thought the FBI would only intervene if “criminal activity” was suspected. I guess Tiger couldn’t focus on holding his wedge.   What do you all think about this mess? -Courtney L.

Lady Gaga Had An Unplanned Fall

lady gaga

 TMZ reported  Lady Gaga  tripped over the air I guess.  She bit the ground  big time while unsuccessfully maneuvering through Heathrow airport in a pair of sensible leather chaps and normal  transatlantic travel platform boots on Wednesday. She looks like a crossbreed of Marilyn Manson, Madonna, and Monroe.  Awhhhh Lady Gaga, I bet she sets a trend … LOL.- Courtney L.