Terrell Owens, NFL wide reciever and reality show star, recently revealed he has a 3 year old son he has never met (August 29). This may have stemmed from the fact that he had no father and his father never wanted him. Owens also has two daughters…that he loves and adores though. During the session, T.O. became choked up when he realized the comparison of how his father treated him and how he treats his own son.

Its not him. Its moreso the resentment that I have for his mother… I have never had a father figure to teach me.

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jackson kids

Being a the child of a celebrity is a catch 22. They live the life of luxery, but at what cost? Two of Michael Jackson’s children started school for the first time at an exclusive private school in Los Angeles (August 28). Prince Micheal, 13, and Paris, 12, have been home schooled with private tutors since the beginning, but on Wednesday entered a classroom environment, where former students include Paris Hilton, Matthew Perry, and Natalie Cole. READ MORE

Jay-Z/Yankees Clothing Line Launch


I guess he can make a Yankee hat, more famous than a Yankee can. Jay-Z teamed up with the New York Yankee’s to produce an apparel line, which will include baseball hats, sweatshirts, and t-shirt equipped with both their logos (August 28). READ MORE


Jazmine looks beautiful in this promo pic. The remix features Mary J. Blige and Swizz Beats.  Click after the jump to hear it. READ MORE

Diddy Shoots New Movie


Diddy is such a mogul. From the smooth tasting Ciroc to producing some of the greatest songs, he has proven to be a great business man (say what you want). Many people wonder where he gets the energy to launch his acting career. Be the judge and let us know what you think.- Courtney L. READ MORE

God has really been talking to me these past few weeks, and teaching me things that I will need to know for the rest of my life.  That being said, I ran across this video on Facebook and have to tell yall its crazy…I will give and give but I keep running into people that are nothing but negative balls of energy…and God always remove them out of my life. Its crazy how you think someone is your friend and then you find out they were only around to suck up all of your energy; then they move on and leave you lonely and lost. Well just so you know it wasn’t them that kicked you out of their life; it was God telling the Devil to move on. So the next time you want to be mad about the people he took, be thankful for the people he sent.  Here is video of Bishop T.D. Jakes from his 2008  New Years Annual Revival, From the message, “God’s Got You Covered”. Please support and purchase this dvd.

I know this video will help people out that are having issues. So be thankful God sent it!!!!

Please Watch The Video


After putting Soulja on blast Kat Stacks is back at it again. This time she isn’t after the rappers but the athletes. She wants to see if Carmelo tastes like caramel. Honey, LaLa didn’t like that . See their tweets! READ MORE

Picture 5

The marriage was definitely a stunt… all the free publicity in the world for under 140 characters or less. Those folks over there at Young Money are brilliant. Their PR reps also confirmed that they were never married.

-L. McFly